Eco-Friendly Triathlon Clothing Thanks to ECONYL®

Trigirl triathlon clothing has now become environmentally friendly by using fabrics from ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarns!

Eco-friendly triathlon clothing from Trigirl made with ECONYLStarting with our 2017 collection, Trigirl is very proud to be using VITA high-performance fabric, made from ECONYL® nylon yarn, an innovative fibre produced from consumer waste nylon products such as carpets and fishing nets.

“Eco-friendly” or “recycled” are big buzzwords these days, but prior to introducing ECONYL® into our line, we did our research. We wanted to ensure that our eco-friendly triathlon clothing would truly have a reduced impact on the environment, and, very importantly, still maintain the high-performance qualities our customers have grown to expect.

The ECONYL® Regeneration System impressed us:

  • First, nylon waste is rescued and collected. This waste is made up of both pre-consumer waste in the form of industrial plastic waste and yarn and fabric scraps, and post-consumer waste, such as spent fishing nets.
  • Next, it is prepared (cleaned and shredded)
  • Step three involves ‘depolymerisation’. In other words, removing all foreign substances and breaking the chemical structure of the nylon down.
  • The nylon is then polymerised and transformed into 100% regenerated and regenerable ECONYL® yarns, which can be used over and over. In fact, they can be used an infinite number of times without losing quality!

Every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® raw material:

  • eliminates 13.1 thousand tons of waste
  • saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil
  • avoids 54,000 tons of CO2 eq emissions

Trigirl uses sustainable fabric from ECONYL yarnAccording to the ECONYL® website: ‘… [ECONYL®] want to rewrite the rules for producing man-made fibres. The goal is to manufacture products that are not only entirely made of regenerated material, but are fully and endlessly regenerable.’ Which sounds pretty good to us!

VITA fabric comes from our most trusted fabric manufacturer, Carvico, who have supplied high-quality performance fabrics for our trisuits for years. Carvico have now worked with ECONYL® yarns to create an equally amazing and environmentally-friendly fabric! A win-win that enables us to bring you truly eco-friendly triathlon clothing!!

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