The Great Debate: One-Piece or Two-Piece Trisuit?

We hear the question all of the time, ‘Should I buy a one-piece trisuit or two-piece trisuit?’

Trigirl-Trisuit-Oxford-BlueIt should be a matter of personal preference, but it seems everyone wants to weigh in: ‘My coach said I should only get a one-piece’, ‘My friend says two-piece all the way’, ‘But the pros all wear one-pieces’… even I have written an article for Trigirl on why I love my two-piece trisuit!

However, there are pros for both options, so to help guide you in your choice, here are some of our favourite benefits of both one-piece and two-piece trisuits.


One-piece pros: The choice of professionals, one-piece trisuits offer a streamlined fit that is aerodynamic and supportive. Designed well (as Trigirl’s are!), they can be very flattering and comfortable. With a one-piece, you never have to worry about your stomach being exposed!

Two-piece pros: Two-piece trisuits offer a bit more flexibility if you wear a different size top-to-bottom. Though one-pieces are still flexible based on their stretch fabric, two-pieces offer the flexibility to order two-different sizes, which, for some, is more comfortable. Because of the separate top and bottom, there is the chance of stomach exposure, however, at Trigirl, we cut our tops a bit longer so that they don’t ride up, and our shorts with a higher back to keep them in place on the bike!


One-piece pros: a one-piece trisuit is great for racing, but it also is a really comfortable option for swim training. Since it’s basically a more constructed swimming costume, it is a supportive option and offers more coverage in the pool. Of course, a one-piece can also be used for cycling and run training as well.

Two-piece pros: two-piece trisuits are also great for training and racing. They offer the flexibility to wear each piece at a time. For example, I love to run-train in my tri shorts, but wear a running top because it’s a bit looser/ warmer/ has the logo from a race I’m really proud of. Or I cycle in my tri shorts, because I find them extra-comfortable, but I pair them with a cycling jersey for the extra-large pockets.


One-piece pros: ask ten people and you’ll probably get ten different answers as to why a one-piece functions best. From the aforementioned aerodynamic fit, to having less to fidget with to just being really comfortable, one-piece suits can offer great functionality in a trisuit.

Two-piece pros: Easy toilet stops. Race day equals nerves which usually means frequent toilet stops. Pulling down a pair of shorts is just easier than pulling down a one-piece. Beware of one-pieces with built-in sports bras during toilet stops – they are really tricky to get out of (and if you’re stuck in an emergency without a porta-potty, you basically have to strip naked on top – eek!) Fortunately, we’ve thought of that at Trigirl, so all of our one-pieces have a separate sports bra.

Perhaps more importantly than one- or two-piece, choose a high-quality trisuit, in fabrics that are durable, with seams that don’t chafe, a comfortable cycling pad, that is designed to fit. (Of course, Trigirl is the best!)

Choose a trisuit that works for you. No matter whether you choose one-piece trisuit or two-piece, you’re sure to shine!

Happy training and racing!