About Trigirl Manufacturing

Trigirl ManufacturingTrigirl is a small company and we choose to support other small companies for the sourcing and production of our garments. We have a proud history of working with top-level European suppliers and factories, ensuring close relationships, safe and fair working conditions for factory workers and well-made product.

Our garment factory is a small, family-run business, based in northwestern Portugal. With over 30 years experience in manufacturing sports clothing, they are masters at what they do, investing in the latest machinery and technology to ensure that your trisuit is made right!

We also feel our fabric is the best in the business. After extensive searching for the highest quality technical sports fabrics, we chose 100% Italian-made, from a company that is a leader in fabric development, sustainable fabric choices and technical advancement.

Trigirl Fabrics

This way we know that Trigirl trisuits are made from fabrics that will dry quickly, wear well, and keep their shape and we can offer them to you with confidence and pride. Quite simply, your trisuit will perform.

Because of the close proximity to our factory, we ship everything by truck, which means no air freight, keeping our carbon footprint small.

We hope that you’ll love your Trigirl triathlon clothing even more, knowing that we’ve taken into account every detail of the sourcing and manufacturing process. Our goal is to create the very best quality triathlon kit specifically for you: the fabulous female triathlete.