Triathlon Kit Advice

Triathlon KitWe know that triathlon is about more than your kit, but the right gear can make a big difference in training and racing. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to what you’re wearing on race day, so we’ve written some articles to give you triathlon kit advice and to answer your most pressing kit questions.

  • Triathlon Kit: an update on what’s new within the Trigirl collection, as well as some info on what we do best.
  • Will it Fit?: our answers to your questions about how Trigirl sizing comes up and how to order the right size for you.
  • What to Wear?: Advice about what to wear on race day
  • Triathlon Bra Tips: everything you need to know about choosing the right bra with the best fit and support.
  • Wetsuit Buying Tips: Why you need a wetsuit and what to look for.
  • Cycling shoes: For when you’re ready to take the leap to clipless pedals
  • Saddle Soreness: Our tips for staying comfy, no matter how long you ride.
  • Race Day Checklist: Here’s what you need to get you through race day…
  • FAQs- Clothing for Triathlon: Your most frequently asked questions, answered!

We’re always happy to help with any of your questions, whether they are about Trigirl triathlon kit or any other aspect of triathlon. Please do get in touch!