Women’s Only Triathlons

women's only triathlons UKIf you’re considering triathlon for the first time and a fun, supportive triathlon experience appeals to you, why not give a women’s-only race a go? Women’s-only triathlons can be the perfect introduction to triathlon, offering a less intimidating environment, manageable race distances and a healthy dose of girl power!

These races often also offer training plans, workshops and even training days to make certain that your experience is a great one (and chances are after just one triathlon, you’ll be hooked!).

Not to imply that women’s-only races are just for newbies. Even for a long-term triathlete, a women’s race is a great day out for all of the same reasons. No offence to the guys, but there is just something about racing with the girls that leads to a more relaxed vibe, even if you’re focused on competing instead of completing!

Inspired to sign up for a women’s-only race? Here are some race events that take place throughout the country:

TriFerris Women Only RaceCotswolds Women Only
Now in its tenth year and offering three distance choices, including novice, super-sprint and sprint, the Cotswolds Women Only triathlon, held at  Cotswold Country Park and Beach, part of Britain’s largest water park, promises fun, exercise and competition for all abilities.

The event and its venue are ideal for those moving from pool swim events to open water and provide a great stepping-stone to the Standard distance and there’s even the option to camp on-site!

Human Race Shock Absorber Women Only Triathlon
Shock Absorber Women Only RaceHeld at lovely Dorney Lake, Berkshire, the Shock Absorber Women’s race has numerous race distances, and includes triathlons of several distances (with the option to race for Breast Cancer Care), running, and a scootathlon for the kids (boys and girls)!

With team or individual options and pre-event training days, race organisers pledge to bring a friendly, fun, and non-intimidating race and with so many options, something for everyone

Deva Divas Triathlon
Deva Divas TriathlonDeva Divas is a sprint distance in Chester with an emphasis on fun. In addition to the triathlon, the QUADRATHLON challenge (Swim 750m – Kayak 4km – Bike 25km – Run 5km) is back for the second year!

Chester Tri encourages women of all fitness levels to train for and race this achievable (and fun!) event. In 2016, it won British Triathlon “Event of the Year”Triathlon England Club Event of the Year and also North West Regional Race of the Year!!

Racing for the first time in a women’s triathlon? We are sure you’ll have a great time. Have you enjoyed the experience of a women’s only race? Let us know about it!

Happy training and racing… You go, Trigirl!