The Triathlon Training Log – Your Indispensable Tool to Triathlon Success

Embarking on your triathlon journey? Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or a beginner, our Trigirl triathlon training log is your go-to tool for staying motivated and achieving your goals throughout the year. The user-friendly, one-page-per-month format allows you to easily track all important aspects of your triathlon training.

Why would you want to log your training sessions? The answer is: progress, goals and motivation. Let me explain.

1. Track Your Progress

A triathlon training log is like a personal coach, helping you monitor your journey to becoming an amazing triathlete. With our log, you can easily record the time and distance of each session, along with personal notes. Note how hard or easy the training felt, the weather conditions, or any niggles you experienced. It’s your best tool to monitor how your performance improves.

2. Achieve Your Goals

At the top of each page you’ll find space to jot down your monthly goals for each discipline. These goals aren’t just about your A or B races; they can be small, personal victories too. Think completing your local park run in record time or conquering a Swimathon swim challenge. Small wins are important stepping stones to your ultimate race goals.

3. Boost Your Motivation

Picture this: a dark and rainy evening after a long day’s work. Your training plan calls for a hard session, but you just don’t feel like it. That’s where your triathlon training log becomes your cheerleader. Flipping through the pages, you’ll see how dedicated you have trained to this point. You just don’t want to break the habit. An empty space on the log page is not an option. This visual reminder is a game-changer. It can inject a massive dose of motivation to overcome the odd slump in motivation.

And here’s a personal tip: I find my log incredibly motivating when pre-race nerves try to take over. Just a glance through the pages reminds me of the hard work I’ve put in, helping me overcome fears and show up at the start line with unwavering confidence.

Don’t forget to review your log entries at the end of each month. Did you smash your goals? Celebrate that victory! If not, don’t fret; your log entries hold the clues to why you might’ve faced challenges.

Ready to elevate your triathlon game? Download our triathlon training log now and start your journey to unlocking your full potential. You’re on the brink of your best triathlon season ever!

Happy Training!

Click here to download the training log in .pdf format.
Click here to download the training log in .xlsx format.

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