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Spice trisuit reviewKay reviews Trigirl’s latest one-piece trisuit

With my race only a few weeks away, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on my new Trigirl trisuit. I wanted to start to put the individual events together and understand what it feels like to do the cycle leg straight from the water.

So, I opted for the Spice trisuit in Paradise Bay. It’s a lovely electric blue with a contrasting turquoise on the front zip and back neckline. It’s lightweight and breathable, with mesh panels on the back and lower legs to keep you cool and speed up drying.

I was itching to test it out and wasn’t disappointed. The chamois was comfortable, low profile and super quick to dry. The legs didn’t ride up, and I have had no chafing. The rear pockets held gels safely in place.

It’s a flattering fit – you can tell these girls know what they’re doing! The legs are a good length and I was relieved to see it wasn’t see-through when wet. It’s very comfy, too, with no digging in around the armholes or straps and the whole thing dried very quickly.

In conclusion, this is a lovely piece of kit. I’m confident it will perform technically and comfort is one less thing I’ll have to worry about on race day. I think I feel the part now too. I’m less like the novice and more like a woman who means business – bring it on!

Sports Bra for Triathlon TrainingTalking of getting the right support to get me through the triathlon ….. the lovely folk at Trigirl have asked me to test some of their gear over the coming weeks and I’ve started with one of their sports bras. They recommended the Anita Active Dynamix as the perfect sports bra for triathlon training and racing.

I have to say I’ve worn the same brand of sports bra in multiple colours and different incarnations over many years and have been very happy with it. The Dynamix bra that I tried, however, definitely gives it a run for its money.

It has a neat design which makes it easy to get on and off; especially handy when you’re hot and sweaty. The fabric is light and breathable and did a good job wicking the sweat away.

It’s quick and easy to adjust at the front and the padded straps fit snuggly. As you’d hope, it keeps everything in place even during a tough, high-impact training session but doesn’t sacrifice comfort at the expense of support.

I have to admit the Dynamix was way more comfortable than my regular sports bra. I’m converted.

Trigirl Trisuit ReviewTrigirl receives another rave trisuit review, this time in Triathlon Plusmagazine Best Trisuit Review 2014!

Triathlon Plus has reviewed our Energy trisuit and given it 4/5 stars for performance, value, and overall!

They say:

‘ Swimming performance was very impressive with no dragging, sagging or chafing.’

Our new cycling pad was, ‘… the comfiest women’s pad on test’ and ‘didn’t disrupt running form’.

Triathlon Plus also loved our opaque Revolutional Energy fabric.

They summarised by saying, ‘A great suit, especially suited to those new to the sport and seeking a flattering Lycra look’. We think that based on their comments, the Energy is perfect for all trigirls!

Features that we are known for in our trisuits, such as comfort, good looks, quick-drying, and supportiveness were all heralded by Triathlon Plus and we couldn’t be more proud!

And for a limited time, the Energy trisuit is 15% off! For more on the Energy, click here.

Trigirl Dazzle and Dash ReviewWhat fits, flatters and feels great? Trigirl’s Dazzle Tri Top and Dash Tri Shorts, according to a review in the latest 220 Triathlon magazine!

220 Triathlon’s review praised the set, loving the fabric quality, ‘clever cut’, and comfortable cycling chamois.

Their final verdict is: ‘Quality materials and considered design make this a good value set.’ Of course, we agree!

Get your set now while stocks last!

And remember, you can save 10% on tri tops and shorts when purchased as a set. See our shop for more details!

Trigirl Review Two-Piece TrisuitIt’s always nice to get positive feedback, but we’re especially excited when the favourable Trigirl review comes from Seonaid Thompson. Seonaid is a Scottish triathlete, rising star in the triathlon world, and Commonwealth Games hopeful. Since competing in her first triathlon just four years ago (using her husband’s bike and wetsuit!), Seonaid has been building on her triathlon success with 2014 already being her strongest to date. Thanks to Seonaid for the lovely review- we’ve got our fingers crossed for the Commonwealth Games selection!

Seonaid’s Trigirl Review

I’ve been a fan of Trigirl since I first tried some of their lovely kit last year, so I  was very excited to have the chance to try out one of their fantastic new designs, the Dazzle and Dash tri top and shorts set. I had high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed:

My first impression was, ‘It’s very pretty’. The coral pink colour is lovely and even more vibrant than it appears on the Trigirl website. I also love the unique crossover design on the back of the top. I’ve enjoyed running and cycling in the new kit for the past few weeks now, at home in Yorkshire and also when away for races in Portugal, Turkey and Slovakia.

Triathlon Clothing ReviewWe were thrilled to see this blog post from elite Scottish triathlete, Seonaid Thompson. In the post, she professes her love for her new Trigirl kit, sighting some of her favourite features, such as legs that don’t ride up, our famously flattering silhouettes and high-performance fabrics. And speaking of performance, we’re happy to say that while wearing Trigirl, Seonaid took 1st place woman and 4th overall in the Nelson Sea Swim!

Well done, Seonaid, and thank you for your kind words!


The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet containing the Trigirl Swift Trisuit was that a little black crop top popped out too, an added bonus! Worn under the suit, it is of matching design and whilst I’ve never considered female specific suits previously, it made for very comfy wearing and I experienced no rubbing or chafing. The suit is a lovely deep pink perfectly complimenting the main body in black.

I’ve only just returned to the sport of triathlon after four years and so with no particular races planned until July, I decided to wear it for a mini brick session. A brick session, for those who are unsure, is where you combine a run and bike together for example either a repeated set of ten minutes cycling, five minutes running or even just a short run following a bike ride or turbo session. This gets your legs used to the concept of a triathlon and perfecting running off the bike. I decided to try forty minutes on the turbo followed by a twenty minute run.
Four lots of five minute race pace efforts with three minutes steady pedalling in between made me get a bit of a sweat on, but the suit’s material felt so breathable and seemed to wick moisture away from my skin. I wish my pink turbo towel would do the same for my head!

We are thrilled to announce that our Heroine Trisuit will be featured in the press again! The widely popular trisuit will be featured in the August issue of Triathlete’s World in the spread “Fit to be Tried.” The article includes tester feedback, highlighting some of the great features and qualities of our best selling kit. So many of our customers already love it and here is the opportunity for others to learn why.

To read the full review pick up your August copy of Triathlete’s World out now, and visit our site to view the Heroine and other excellent trisuits!

We are happy to announce that our newest collection is now being featured in this month’s Health & Fitness in the spread “Triple the Action”. Featured are our popular Victory trisuit, Champion trishorts, cycling mitts, and race belt- who knew it could look so chic!

See the photos in Health & Fitness in news stands now and continue to check our site for fashionable and functional triathlon wear.

Our Trigirl Radiance Tanktop has been featured in June’s Triathlete Europe in the section “Gear Bag”. It talks about the outstanding qualities and comfort of the triathlon top which our customers have come to know and love. Given a 9 out of 10 in performance and a 8 out of 10 in value, this top is surely worth every cent!

Check out to read more and check our online shop for this top and much more.

The critical tri specialists of 220 Magazine give Trigirl’s ‘Heroine’ trisuit a remarkable 84% verdict.

The 220 experts conclude that this trisuit is “An impressive, quick-drying women-specific suit“. The Test Centre review further comments “…Instead of having a built-in bra like most suits, it comes with a separate crop-top, giving extra bust support and allowing you to wiggle in and out of the suit with ease…There’s great news for ladies of smaller stature, too, because Heroine is also available in petite, with a shorter body-length specifically for women of 5ft4in and under.”

We couldn’t agree more. To read the full Test Centre feature, get your copy now.
220Triathlon Magazine Issue 261, July 2011.

Trigirl are delighted to see our Radiance Tri Tank and Champion Tri Shorts recommended in the latest Triathlon Plus magazine as “well -fitting women’s kit that’s good for long distance racing”.

Triathlon Plus particularly liked the light weight and soft fabric and the built-in Powermesh bra of this popular tri top. Worth mentioning is also that our Radiance top is the only triathlon tank top in the market that comes in two cup sizes A/B or C/D.

Read the full test report in Triathlon Plus Summer 2011, Issue 29, out now.

“Looking for something to fill the gaps in you gear? The new Trigirl winter warmer set is just the ticket.
Including a Tubette scarf and a pair of wrist warmers it’s hard to find something better to give you that little bit of extra warmth on a cold winter’s day.

The versatile Tubette scarf can be worn as a hat or scarf or both. I love wearing it on the bike to extend my cycling top upward beyond my neck, and keeping the draught out. Take that chilly breeze from the North! In fact I like it so much that I’ve stopped wearing my scarf completely – it’s stylish enough that I can get away with wearing it outside of a sporting environment.

Trigirl’s Susan Tri top and Ellen Tri shorts have stormed through review testing with flying colours this week!  Trifinder’s expert tester proclaimed “she absolutely loved it” with the tank top being “exceptionally comfy and supportive” and both items scoring highly with 9/10 for value and style.

The gorgeously feminine Susan tri top and Ellen shorts went through a rigorous testing at two running and triathlon events. First at a sprint triathlon where the suit demonstrated its ability to “shed water quickly” and provide full comfort for the triathlete in the saddle, achieving a maximum comfort rating of 10/10!

The Yvonne trisuit currently selling at 10% off is not only selling at a bargain price but has received an outstanding review from the highly reputable international selling magazine Triathlete’s World!

The superb quality and lightness of our Revolutional Gloss and Energy Materials as well as the thoughtful design is plainly evident from Triathlete’s World reviewer Cath Pye’s remarks;