Buying Trisuits for Women – your trisuit shopping checklist

Trisuit-Buying-TipsThere are a lot of trisuits on the market, in a range of brands, prices and colours. How do you know you’re getting the best trisuit? Are you getting what you pay for? Will your trisuit give you the support, comfort and durability that you need when you’re training – or more importantly, when you’re racing?

Here is our top five checklist when buying trisuits for women. What to look for, what features differentiate the good from the great and why Trigirl trisuits are the best on the market!

The Fabric

The most important element of any trisuit is the fabric. A good trisuit is made of durable and supportive fabric to get keep you comfortable, offer muscle support, and to last. A good trisuit also needs to dry quickly, so the fabric must be lightweight, but heavy enough to remain opaque, whether wet or dry.

Trigirl check: All of our trisuits are made from 100% Italian fabric from Carvico, a world leader in technical fabric innovation. Our fabric dries quickly, and is opaque, resilient, light and supportive. We also use a slightly heavier version of our fabric in the seat area to offer extra durability and opacity.

The Bra

What’s the difference between a trisuit with a built-in bra and one with a separate bra? A trisuit with a built-in bra just doesn’t offer as much support as one with a separate bra. A separate bra also allows you the flexibility to choose to wear your own sports bra if you need an additional element of support. Additionally, a trisuit with a separate sports bra is also easier to get on and off when you need a loo break!

Trigirl check: Trigirl trisuits come with a supportive, separate bra, offer you maximum comfort, support and flexibility.

The Pad

To give you the ultimate level of comfort on a not-always-so-comfortable bike saddle, your trisuit needs a quality pad. Trisuit pads are thinner than cycling pads to allow them to dry quickly after the swim, but can be much more comfortable if the tri pad is well-made.

Trigirl check: Trigirl triathlon pads by Italian brand LaFonte are ultra quick-drying (with Coolmax and air flow technology), anti-microbial, and offer maximum elasticity. They are thin, but ergonomically designed to give you just the right amount of padding where you need it most. They’ve been tested by pros, but we didn’t just take their word for it. We’ve tested them ourselves in racing and training and found them to be the most comfortable triathlon pads available, which is why we chose them to put them in all of our tri shorts.

The Pockets

Trigirl-PocketPockets are incredibly important in a trisuit, whether as a place to stash your nutrition during a race, or your keys during a training ride. Unfortunately, pockets cost money to construct in the factory, so many trisuits are made without them to save on cost.

Trigirl check: All Trigirl trisuits have pockets built in to the design, so pocket location, size, and security is thought about in every one of our trisuits.

The Fit

Many women’s trisuits are just men’s trisuits given a slight tweak (and maybe a pink detail!) to make them ‘women’s’.  At Trigirl, all of our trisuits are expertly patterned and fit specifically for a woman – not just watered down men’s trisuits! And we know that not every woman likes pink, so we offer a choice of bold, fun, sophisticated colours not found on other trisuits.

Trigirl – check!