Corinne Abraham - Inspiring Women in TriathlonIt’s not just novice triathletes and age groupers who struggle with bad days, bad luck, and injury in triathlon. Though the pros may race at speeds that most of us could only imagine driving in the car (and many manage to make it look easy!), they deal with everyday human troubles like injury, too. But not all of them have the mental strength and determination that professional triathlete and former Trigirl ambassador, Corinne Abraham, possesses in droves.

Corinne turned professional in 2011, after her first Ironman event (Regensburg Germany) in 2010 where she was first female age group athlete and third female overall. Unfortunately, injury quickly caught up to her and she was unable to complete two Ironman races due to back injury that was eventually diagnosed as a partial disk prolapse in her lumbar spine.

Not one to give up, Corinne worked intensively with physiotherapists to get the issues sorted through a systematic breakdown of the problem and good old-fashioned hard work. She has also continued to correct the technical issues that she was facing back when she wrote the Corinne Abraham – Ten Technical Triathlon Corrections article for us. Her training week is an intense one, with a focus on the bike leg, and including plenty of strength and conditioning and core work to avoid the problems that have plagued her in the past.

Corinne Abraham wears Trigirl

The hard work and dedication have paid off. Corinne went from those 2011 DNFs to winning Ironman Melbourne in March 2013 (by a nearly 16 minute margin). She has gone from a relative unknown to being heralded as the ‘New British Order’ by 220 Triathlon magazine. And the inevitable comparisons to fellow British triathlete, Chrissie Wellington, are being made.

We are inspired by Corinne Abraham and proud that she started her professional career wearing Trigirl!

For Corinne’s Trigirl story, as well as her thoughts about our triathlon clothing, read her Trigirl ambassador blogs here.

“…As you might have gathered, I do find the Trigirl kit comfortable – very comfortable, 9-10hrs racing comfortable, long rides on the weekend comfortable, track night comfortable, long run comfortable. Get the idea?…” Corinne Abraham, professional triathlete