Professional Triathlete Corinne Abraham

Trigirl is delighted to announce professional triathlete Corinne Abraham as our  brand ambassador.

Corinne only took up triathlon last year and during her first ever full Ironman distance race (Ironman Regensberg in Germany in August 2010) took 3rd position overall in the women’s race.  Corinne followed this up with a very solid performance at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii placing an amazing 10th in her age group.

Based on these encouraging results Corinne gave up her full time job as a university sports science lecturer to focus solely on her new professional career as a long distance triathlete, and since this time has made some amazing progress.

In 2008, as part of a four person team Corinne raced across america (3000 miles or 5000km) from the West to East coast on a bicycle in a staggeringly quick time of 6 days, 23 hours and 10 minutes. In addition she climbs, surfs and generally enjoys taking on many other challenging tasks.

At 33, Corinne has proved that it is never too late to start triathlon and follow your dreams. She is a huge inspiration to all sportswomen with her great determination and drive, and Trigirl are very excited to have her on board. If you would like to learn more about Corinne, you can visit her website at

We are looking forward to following her first season as a professional triathlete in our lovely Trigirl kit!

Age Group Triathlete Lizzy Brama

We are thrilled to announce that 27 year-old Lizzy Brama continues to be our Trigirl age group ambassador for 2011.

Lizzy started out in the world of triathlon entering her first sprint race in 2004. She went on to race her first middle distance in 2005 and finished her first Ironman distance in 2006. She then qualified for Hawaii in 2008 where she finished 8th in her age group. In 2010 she came third in the national ranking series.

Lizzy achieved these amazing results despite considerable set-backs. She has always been a talented swimmer and cyclist but running didn’t come naturally to her, so Lizzy understands the need for hard work to achieve success in triathlon.

We feel we could not wish for a more suitable candidate to represent our brand.

Lizzy is a wonderful inspiration to all women in triathlon. Her 2011 goal is to qualify for the Ironman world championship once again. If you would like to learn more about Lizzy, please visit her website at

Follow her progress on our blog.

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