Starting Out In Triathlon

Taking the Plunge, Pedal and Plod. You Can Do It!

So, you’re considering a triathlon. What’s next? What is triathlon, how do you sign up, how do you train, and most importantly, can you do it?

Yes you can!

At Trigirl, we remember what it was like to just be starting out in triathlon. It was fun, it was exciting and it was a little scary.

We’d like to help you on your journey in any way we can, whether it’s providing training tips, answering your triathlon questions or running women’s-only training days.

For more information on your best training and racing, look around the site, especially our beginner’s guide. We can help you untangle race distances, answer what to wear and even provide a little motivation through our inspiring women section.

If we haven’t answered your question or if you have suggestions for us, please get in touch.

You can do it – go Trigirl!