Roughly every 4th week of my training plan is a test and recovery week. The training volume drops, but I have a series of benchmark session to do so the coach and me can see whether things are moving in the right direction.

So there I was one Wednesday evening in my basement on my trusted turbo trainer churning out my monthly 80k time trial. By now I have a fairly high boredom threshold when it comes to turbo sessions. When I first started I would barely last 20 minutes! But for sessions like that I load up my mp3 player with podcasts, and tune out the world with those beautiful Sennheiser headphones that drown out most outside noise. That particular evening it was IMTalk I was listening to, and they were talking about the mental tricks you can engage to get through those tough sessions. That in turn made me think of what I do (which admittedly is fairly similar).

So here are my top 5 in no particular order:

  • Counting and numbers, and by that I mean anything. Just keep your mind busy. During hard interval run sessions I find myself counting my foot strikes, forcing myself to get to 100 before I will look at my watch again. During swim sessions I often work out the percentages of the total I’ve already swum. I count pedal revelutions too. It all helps.

  • Breaking things up: 2000 m swim test sounds tough? You lose count easily. How about thinking of it as 5×400

The British universities and colleges sport (BUCS) cycling time trial championships were held over two weekends, with the 10 mile event first, and the 25 mile even the weekend after. As usual Oxford and Cambridge university’s cycling clubs organised one event each.

For me the 10 mile event fell on the end of a week 3 of my training cycle (4 is the recovery & test week), so my legs had 3 weeks of accumulated fatigue in them.

Unfortunately you cannot peak for every single race, and Ironman France, scarily enough only a mere 7 weeks away now, definitely takes priority. Said Saturday was however a beautiful sunny day, and I was quite happy about being there. I didn’t ride badly, but the legs didn’t quite respond, and my time reflects that. I was only beaten by Corrine Hall, who is a pretty decent cyclist, so I was pleased that she was only 40 seconds ahead of me. So one silver medal for Sussex uni!

We had an overwhelmingly large amount of applicants to our competition and it has been very difficult to make a decision as all applications were of such a high standard.

Congratulations to Debbie Loughran from Swindon, the lucky winner of our Trigirl Triathlete competition. To start her journey in becoming a triathlete, Debbie will be attending our Novice Training Day in Bristol on the 8th of May. Debbie’s goal is to complete the Cotswold Sprint Triathlon on 4th of September and Trigirl will support her in her training and race preparation.

We are looking forward to following Debbie on her journey and we will be reporting about her progress in our blog.

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Time trials triathlon trainingThe weekend has been and gone, and last week’s anxiousness is a thing of the past. There were no fireworks at the time trials, but after two good and solid performances I can estimate realistically what the state of things is.

I rode well enough to take a decent amount of confidence from these, and last but not least if I had any niggling doubts about the coach, they’ve now been put to rest. I’d like to think that I’m quite a logically minded person, after all I’m a physicist! But that doesn’t stop me from questioning the wisdom of what the coach prescribes me occasionally. Especially after doing my own thing for so many years, and being fairly successful with this approach.

One of the other reasons I love time trialling is that I actually made a profit. 2 entries = £16, winning both the ESCA 10 & 25 and therefore the combined weekend = £32. But what about petrol, you ask? Well, I’m Ironman training. I can’t afford to give up a whole weekend’s worth of training for two rather short races.

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So if you feel you have what it takes, or know someone who does, then send us your application now!

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Our Dutch brand ambassador Maryvonne van den Berg is planning to compete in many triathlons this year and is already doing a fantastic job blogging away.

Lizzy Brama has just been appointed UK brand ambassador (see previous blog) and will soon be blogging her progress.

We are now on the lookout for ambassadors in other countries so get in touch if you are interested!

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