– do we really???

Ok – that old myth has apparently been debunked by scientists. But we still want to keep our heads and necks warm when out training in the colder season, for the same reason why we wouldn’t go cycling in a tri suit in winter. Cold ears and a cold throat are simply uncomfortable and can put anyone off training in cold weather.

Trigirl now offers a versatile accessory that helps keep head and neck warm – wear the Trigirl Tubette as a scarf or hat for running or cycling; it’s also long enough to pull over the head and neck at the same time, to keep that chilly draft at bay on any winter bike ride.

How do you keep your hands warm when running in the cold season?

When it’s really cold outside, we put on gloves and pull down our sleeves. When it’s not that cold, we just wear gloves. Obvious choices, but not ideal.

Sleeves never seem to be quite long enough, and there is still a cold draft around the wrists. In cool weather, gloves or long sleeve tops often get too warm while we’re out running, and we end up carrying them rather than wearing them, all the while being just that little bit too chilly in a short sleeve top.

Every year nearly 46,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed. It is only through the work of organizations such as Cancer Research UK and Breast Cancer Care that we can improve our understanding of how to deal with the disease and find ways to prevent and treat breast cancer effectively.

This season at Trigirl we show our support of these charities and raise awareness of the disease with the launch of our stylish pink crop top. The gorgeous race back style features cooling ventilation panels and power mesh lining for excellent support, making it ideal for all sporting events.

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Fairly soon after starting triathlon I joined the Brighton Phoenix Tri club. Having been involved in a swimming club growing up I thought this the obvious next step. Over the coming months and years the club was to be a source of a wealth of information, helping me to find out about all aspects of triathlon. I made new friends, found training partners, and regularly found a helping hand when needed – I just remember the countless lifts to races that I and my bike benefited from! I love my club but it wouldn’t be the same without its members. So once I’d found my footing I started to think about how I could get more involved.

Today I did my last triathlon of 2010, finishing the season on a high with a good second place at Hever castle.

I don’t know about you but I can feel with every part of my body that the end of the season is here. I noticed the first signs the day after the Bala standard distance triathlon. I was tired. The idea of putting my running shoes on for my usual Monday session made me think twice, and I took a rain check. I wasn’t even looking forward to the next race, just looking forward to getting it over with. But despite the tiredness there’s something deeply satisfying about this feeling. This year I have raced, raced, and raced until I truly had enough. And now I will have a break, because I want to, because I deserve it, but mostly because I need to. Everyone needs a time to recharge their batteries.

Hot Spanish sunshine and post-race sangrias anyone?

Trigirl would like to congratulate Jill Buckenham who raced in a very hot 30 degrees at the Valencia triathlon in Spain and came 1st in her age category! Well done Jill, a brilliant performance! This triathlon in Valencia is a highly popular event attracting over 1,200 triathletes, racing the Olympic, Sprint and Super Sprint distance and also with a special event for women named “Triathlon de la Mujer”! Trigirl Jill really recommends this event exclaiming, “the course was amazing! The swim takes place in America’s Cup port, the bike section is on the F1 road circuit and the run goes past the America’s cup team bases!”

Sounds like triathlon heaven!

Let’s start this post with two quotes:

“You are at the end of season so let’s enjoy ourselves eh !”

“I can’t do it if it makes me feel like that.”

The first quote is the answer I received from my coach in response to asking to enter yet more races for the remainder of the season. The second is from a friend during a discussion of a race that went very wrong after a terrible swim.

My reply to my friend was this: “There’s no point in doing it if it makes you feel bad.”

This sentence summarised what I only very recently had to remind myself of as well. When I started triathlon it was all shiny and new to me.

SmoothieI’m probably preaching to the converted here, but a few weeks ago when I tidied up my room I discovered a box smoothie maker.

We should all eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and I certainly never had a problem with this, but how much fun are smoothies! I’m having almost as much fun making them as consuming the product. Not only are they good for you, they also taste great. I’ve almost gone off the chocolate in favour of smoothies.

It was Tuesday morning and I had rolled out of bed to cycle over to one of the local 10 mile time trial courses to do a training TT. I was making my way out of the city and was just about to settle down on to my aerobars when I saw ahead a pedestrian crossing. I remember passing by a parked windowless white van, and then seemingly out of nowhere there was a pedestrian in the road!

This proves how much we rely on our hearing in traffic! It was 6am and he hadn’t heard me coming (obviously!) and must have thought it safe to step out into the road without looking. I remember him trying to shelter his face with his arms, bracing himself against the impact and then I was lying on the road. Ouch! There were a million things that went through my head. This hurts. Can I move all my limbs? Where’s my bike? Where is the man? This can’t be happening now! Thank goodness I still have my senses, I was incredibly lucky.

Trigirl’s Susan Tri top and Ellen Tri shorts have stormed through review testing with flying colours this week!  Trifinder’s expert tester proclaimed “she absolutely loved it” with the tank top being “exceptionally comfy and supportive” and both items scoring highly with 9/10 for value and style.

The gorgeously feminine Susan tri top and Ellen shorts went through a rigorous testing at two running and triathlon events. First at a sprint triathlon where the suit demonstrated its ability to “shed water quickly” and provide full comfort for the triathlete in the saddle, achieving a maximum comfort rating of 10/10!

Love-The-HillsHaving grown up in the flat terrain of Northern Germany, I used to absolutely despise hills. If there’s one thing I really don’t like it’s slowness, and that applies to everything in life. I’m terribly impatient.

Cycling up hills doesn’t give you the excitement of going fast on a bike and quite frankly cycling up hills is hard work. I was also put off by the fact that as one of the bigger athletes ‘im always on the losing end against some of the slender running girls, as soon as we are faced with an incline.

Have you ever started off something really well with great intentions and high levels of motivation, yet as time past, your efforts and motivation dwindled. Just like those New Year’s Resolutions … many of us start the year with great intentions to get to the gym more regularly, to start exercising, to eat healthy foods or maybe even to quit smoking.

As the weeks progress into the New Year, motivation to keep on going starts to fade until you are no longer making an effort to do what you intended to do. Well, you are not alone …

Planning a block of training can really determine your goals. But to be of much use they have got to be SMART. Some of you may already be bored now – yeah, yeah, we all know this, S for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for relevant, and T for time-bound. But do you actually do it? I was most recently reminded of this concept when flicking through my notes from the BTF level 2 coaching course.

So in practise, does this actually work? At the beginning of the year I wrote on a piece of paper – amongst other things – by the end of July I want to have improved my 10 mile time trial PB to sub 23 minutes. Why is this a much better goal than ‘I want to get faster on the bike’?

The Yvonne trisuit currently selling at 10% off is not only selling at a bargain price but has received an outstanding review from the highly reputable international selling magazine Triathlete’s World!

The superb quality and lightness of our Revolutional Gloss and Energy Materials as well as the thoughtful design is plainly evident from Triathlete’s World reviewer Cath Pye’s remarks;