About Trigirl


Ever wondered how you can pursue your passion for triathlons AND leave our planet a better place? 

Read on to discover how Trigirl is doing its part to help protect and preserve our environment, and what YOU can to do become a more eco-friendly triathlete.

There is no denying it – what makes triathlon training and competing THAT much more amazing is swimming in our beautiful open waters, cycling through lush greenery and running in the fresh air. What other sport has this incredible luxury!

And whether you are a newbie to triathlons or a seasoned competitor, there is one quality that triathletes all have in common:

A love of the outdoors, and an appreciation for nature.

Thanks to this shared trait, each one of us should consider ourselves an eco-friendly triathlete. No matter what level of athleticism we possess, we cannot help but feel a desire to help protect and preserve our precious environment. And fortunately for us, we are joined by an increasing number of people all around the globe who share the same commitment.

The World has made progress..

And there is a lot to be pleased about. The world as a collective has made vast improvements in the area of environmental preservation over the last decade. Many sunscreens brands are no longer using the ingredient oxybenzone, which is responsible for the damage to coral and marine life. Plastic bag distribution is being phased out in stores around the globe. Reusable items such as straws, cups and bags are increasing in popularity.

Yet there is still more to be done..

Sadly, despite our best efforts to change our day to day behaviours, our oceans are still in severe danger. The recently-released Netflix film, Seaspiracy, is making waves all around the globe, highlighting the long-lasting negative impact of commercial fishing on the underwater environment. The environmental organisation Healthy Seas is also shining a harsh light on  the “ghost fishing phenomenon, which contributes to the unnecessary death of many marine animals.

This is not new news. For years environmentalists have been warning about the dire effects of global warming, overfishing and general neglect of the ocean’s health. Yet it often necessitates a movie release or severe natural disaster to bring these issues back to the forefront of peoples’ minds.

This is why we at Trigirl consider it an immense responsibility to keep these conversations going and to consistently make sustainable decisions … which includes our own Triathlon kit!

How Trigirl is helping our oceans

Did you know that since 2017 Trigirl has been using sustainable fabrics in its trisuits? In fact, Trigirl is the ONLY triathlon brand that has made this investment – and we are proud of it! 

We create our high performance, sustainable trisuits from ECONYL® nylon yarn –  an innovative fibre produced from consumer waste nylon products such as carpets and fishing nets. Read more about Trigirl’s Eco-friendly Trisuits and Commitment to Sustainability in our previous blog posts.

Yet we do not want to keep this a secret – we would love for all sports brands to embrace eco-friendly fabrics!

Why is ECONYL®  so special?

econyl-eco-friendly-triathleteWhere do we begin! For starters, Aquafil – this Italian-born company – created their very OWN supply chain! With the help of Healthy Seas and other organisations, Aquafil sends divers down into the ocean to pull up those discarded nets, which they transform into ECONYL®. What’s more, they are offering money to incentivise fishing vessels NOT to dump their nets in the first place.

And  for every 100 tons of ECONYL® raw material, a huge 700 barrels of crude oil is saved and 571 tonnes of CO2 emissions is avoided. The numbers truly speak for themselves!

What more can we do?

We strongly believe that even the smallest action is vitally important in the quest to save our oceans.  Every little bit counts. We look to inspire eco-friendly triathletes to choose sustainable trisuits made from ECONYL® fabric. Yet we also recognise the need to spread the word and encourage our peers to make eco-conscious choices.

Take a look at other ways you can be a more eco-friendly triathlete: 

  • When selecting your triathlon equipment, consider ‘buy better to buy less’. High quality kit is likely to last longer. Besides, reduction is always better than recycling.
  • Consider your next neoprene wetsuit purchase carefully. If possible, opt for a limestone- based material instead of the more commonly used petroleum-based materials. Zone3 is a great choice!
  • And for when we can travel freely again – choose triathlon races closer to home to reduce your carbon footprint, OR choose one overseas race each season to minimise your air travel.

And here are some extra tips to share with your non-triathlete friends and family..

  • Shop local and consume locally produced food and drink
  • Avoid purchasing single-use plastics – bring your energy drinks or water in a reusable bottle
  • Cut down on packaging by making your own power foods and using reusable containers
  • Participate in local efforts to clean up the community’s outdoor spaces. You can sign up for local street, park and beach clean ups by checking out Clean Up Britain
  • Get involved with environmental groups such as Healthy Seas or Sea Shepherd
  • Educate yourself by watching films like the critically-acclaimed Seaspiracy


The eco-friendly triathlete

The oceans and lands are our playground. We rely on the great outdoors for our training grounds and competitions. And we need to look after it as carefully and lovingly as we do our own bodies. We need to keep conversations going. And where possible, we need to make conscious efforts to live sustainably. So that we and our loved ones can continue to enjoy the beautiful natural wonderland for many years to come.

Why do we do what we do at Trigirl?

It’s not just about triathlon clothing here at Trigirl. We have a passion for the mental and physical well-being that sports, especially outdoor sports, can provide. And we love the sense of achievement that completing a race can being, whether it’s your first sprint triathlon, or your 100th parkrun, or your PB half-marathon. We want others to have that feeling, too.

By encouraging women to enter the world of triathlon and supporting them as they go, we hope to share the positive effects that sport has had on us with a wide range of women- women of all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities.

At Trigirl, we love seeing the sense of confidence that participating in our sport can bring. You don’t have to be the fastest or the fittest to experience the joy of crossing a finish line or the happiness of lacing up your trainers when heading out for a run.

So why clothing and why women-only?

Pat, Trigirl founder, has a background in clothing and it seemed to make good sense to combine her love of triathlon with that background. When she met me (Kristin), a former fashion designer who also happened to be a writer and triathlon coach, it was obvious that we would be the perfect team!

We feel that women often do triathlon for different reasons than men, including the mental and physical benefits already mentioned. In my coaching, my favourite part is supporting women who worry that they can’t, only to find that they absolutely can! I love seeing a beginner go from the tentative stages of “maybe I’ll sign up for a triathlon” to the big moment of being able to say proudly, “I’m a triathlete”.

Ultimately, at Trigirl, we want to help women get more out of the lives they lead, so while our business is triathlon kit, it’s not just about the trisuit!

Trigirl uses ECONYL® for a truly sustainable triathlon clothing collection.

Starting with our 2017 collection, Trigirl began using a new, high-performance fabric, made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn. ECONYL® is an innovative fibre produced with discarded nylon consumer products such as carpets and fishing nets.

“Eco-friendly” or “recycled” are big buzzwords these days, but prior to introducing ECONYL® into our line, we did our research. We wanted to ensure that our eco-friendly fabric would truly have a reduced impact on the environment, and, very importantly, still maintain the high-performance qualities our customers have grown to expect.
Excitingly, this fabric achieves both!

According to the ECONYL® website: ‘… [ECONYL®] want to rewrite the rules for producing man-made fibres. The goal is to manufacture products that are not only entirely made of regenerated material, but are fully and endlessly regenerable.’ Which sounds pretty good to us!

Our new eco-friendly fabric comes from our most trusted fabric manufacturer, the number-one supplier of technical performance fabrics in Italy. They have supplied high-quality performance fabrics for our trisuits for years. They have now worked with ECONYL® yarns to create an equally amazing and environmentally-friendly fabric.

A win-win that enables us to bring you truly eco-friendly triathlon clothing!!

For more information about ECONYL® yarns, click here.

sustainable triathlon clothing

Team Trigirl has always been proud to develop triathlon clothing for women, by women. Our kit is exclusive to Trigirl and we carefully curate the items within our small collection to bring you the best triathlon kit out there. But what inspires us, what is important to us in our designs and how do we come up with ideas for the trisuits that you love?

As athletes, we are always thinking about the kit that we want to wear.

Performance-wise, we want it all – the fabric has to dry quickly to avoid being cold and wet and a comfortable pad for the cycling leg is MANDATORY. That same pad has to feel like it magically disappears when it’s time to run.

Of course, we also like to look good wearing it! We design triathlon clothing that is made just for women, so it fits well, isn’t some shrunken-down version of what someone designed for a guy and looks great. We firmly believe that we’re faster when we feel confident!

What inspires us?

In developing our new designs each year, we start by looking at what has worked in the past. We want a fresh look, but the main objectives are still what works technically and what our customers loved/ what’s worked for them.
That said, when designing, it’s always exciting to see what’s “next”. Design trends and inspiration can come from fitness and ready-to-wear markets, art, a fantastic print or our new favourite fabric colours for the season!

Of course, we are also inspired by our Trigirl customer. We listen to your feedback and implement it in our designs. Items like our triathlon capris and larger cup-size tops have come directly from what we’ve heard from you!

What’s next for Trigirl?

We’re still loving the prints-in-athletic-wear trend, so you’ll see some beautiful (and trend-right) prints in our upcoming season. Plus we’re excited to be adding in a couple of swimsuits with a Trigirl twist.

In our entire collection, you’ll get the same well-fitting, gorgeous and high-performing pieces that you expect from us. And, of course, in our trisuits, you can expect our ongoing commitment to fit, form and function- triathlon clothing that performs.