Triathlon Book Reviews


To the Finish Line – A World Champion’s Guide to Your Perfect Race by Chrissie Wellington

Chances are if you’re a triathlete, thinking about trying triathlon or have followed sports news in the slightest, you have heard of Chrissie Wellington. Well, four-time Ironman World Champion, Chrissie, has released her second book!

This time, she draws on her own experiences to help YOU navigate, and excel at, your first (or 100th) triathlon. Lucky you!!!

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To the Finish Line covers a plethora of topics, ranging from fitting triathlon into your busy life to nutrition advice, all in a relaxed, readable way.

Hopefully everyone is in full swing with training now that the weather is improving, but even the most committed triathlete could use some tips from Chrissie. We can especially recommend some of the less-covered-by-other-triathlon-books topics, such as strength and conditioning tips by six-time World Champion, Dave Scott. Or check out  actual recipes that Chrissie has used during training and in everyday life.

Of course, there are also easy-to-read training plans and advice on how to get the most out of your swim, bike and run training and how to be your fastest on race day.

Want to know more? We’ve read To the Finish Line and share our thoughts in our latest book review.

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Hound of Happiness book review – 52 ways to feel good

Hound of Happiness ReviewWith an introduction from Jake, and canine-companion to international mind-body coach, Kim Ingleby, Hound of Happiness, is an inspirational little book that will brighten anyone’s day.

Jake (a super-cute Staffy mixed-breed) and Kim offer up fifty-two active, positive quotes, which can be read in a sitting, over the course of a year or just when you need a little pick-me-up. You also get photos of Jake so it’s a great gift for dog lovers!

Hound of Happiness is a quick read and its tips come from someone who not only is an expert in positivity, but has practiced what she preaches.

In addition to being founder of Energised Performance, a Global Award Winning Mind and Body Consultancy, Kim has given a TEDx talk and worked with well-known sports and entertainment figures, such as Team GB and Strictly Come Dancing.

Kim has used her own positivity to help heal her brain after catching Weil’s disease swimming in open water. On each of the book’s pages, you get some insight into Kim’s strength and resilience, which she clearly wants to share.

At Trigirl, we’ve worked with Kim a long time, so we know first-hand that her positive mental coaching works. Although Hound of Happiness isn’t specifically about triathlon, we love how Kim’s quotes help to inspire us to stay motivated, and everyone (especially a hardworking triathlete) likes a little extra happiness!

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Home-RemediesOur latest book review,The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies by Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., is now online!

Not just for hard-bodied professionals,The Athlete’s Book is perfect for anyone dealing with a sports- or exercise-related injury, or for those who would like to avoid getting one in the first place. With ample colour photographs and illustrations, strengthening workout suggestions and injury-fighting nutrition tips,The Athlete’s Book looks at the human body holistically and provides an interesting read for anyone interested in staying healthy and injury-free.

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This week Trigirl review Triathlon 20 Weeks to Success in 5 Hours a Week, by coach Mark Barfield, written to help any novice triathlon wannabe (with limited time) to become a race-finishing triathlete in 20 weeks.

Focusing on a pool-based, sprint-distance triathlon, Triathlon 20 Weeks to Success promises to get you ‘triathlon-ready in time for your race without your training taking over your life’ and in some ways, it succeeds in its mission.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t tick all of our boxes… Read our full review here.


In an effort to help you prepare for next season (and as a good excuse for us to cuddle up with a good book instead of facing the cold) Trigirl is excited to announce our new book review section. In the upcoming months, we’ll be weeding through training books, inspirational titles and training plan guides, letting you know who offers the best advice to help you get next season off to a great start.

As a women’s-specific triathlon brand, we’re starting with The Woman Triathlete, edited by Christina Gandolfo.

Read our review here.