2013 triathlon season end


2013 triathlon season endWith the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final being held in  London this week and the triathlon race calendar winding down, the 2013 triathlon season is sadly drawing to a close. That doesn’t mean that we’ll be forgetting about triathlon for the next few months – and you shouldn’t, either!

While we’re busily working away on our exciting new collection for 2014, it’s time for you to start thinking about 2014, too. Believe it or not, some of the more popular races are already selling out, so it might be worth considering your race schedule earlier rather than later!

If you’d like to race throughout the winter, there are plenty of runs, off-road races and triathlon alternatives out there. Check out the Tri247 events calendar for ideas and links. Also see our past articles on Autumn and Winter training for tips! And remember: there’s no bad weather, just bad gear, so as you think about layering up for the winter, be sure to pick up our cosy armwarmers and headscarves.

Finally, keep up with Trigirl over the colder months through our newsletter, which we will continue to send monthly, and of course, on Facebook and Twitter (and our online shop is open, no matter the weather!)

Enjoy your recovery and stay warm. Well done this season!