BMI and triathlon training


We recently received a question for our Ask the Experts panel regarding exercising and a healthy BMI (body mass index). While many struggle with trying to lose weight, this Trigirl is dealing with unhealthy weight loss and hopes to gain enough weight to get back to a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and triathlon training.

No matter what your weight struggle may be, understanding BMI is a good way to ensure that your weight is on target to be the healthiest you can be. In her response, Dr Catherine Spencer-SmithPhysician in Sports & Exercise Medicine, offers advice on calculating BMI and what it means both for you as a triathlete and a healthy woman.

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If you’d like more personalised information on your sports health, Dr. Spencer-Smith is the founder of Sportdoc, a specialist sports medicine practice based in London, focusing on helping prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injuries as well as medical problems that are related to sport and exercise.