Corinne Abraham


Earlier in the year when I raced at Antwerp 70.3 I met with another Trigirl ambassador Maryvonne van den Berg and her recent blog was 10 Things I Love about Triathlon (or something along those lines – my Dutch is not great) and it got me thinking.  I often write lists and am constantly thinking of “10 Things” when I am out on my bike, in the pool or out running, (10 things I love about swimming, top 10 favourite adverts, 10 favourite dinners etc.) so it was amusing to see her doing the same thing.  Perhaps we’ll set a Trigirl trend; here are my latest “10”

Firstly I need to explain that I’m a fighter.  I don’t mean this in the sense of ‘not giving up’ or of the ninja variety*, I mean that I look like I’m battling my way though the swim, bike and run, even though I might be doing quite an easy session or feeling quite relaxed.  I look tense; I look like I’m using brute force to barge my way through the race.  Although it does me ok (!) it’s not particularly efficient and my first 3 technical corrections relate to trying to “relax” more in each discipline.

1.    Relax my shoulders on the bike. I have a tendency to hunch up my shoulders, creating tension in my neck and down my back, as well as restricting the function of the muscles that help to expand your lungs – thereby restricting my lung volume.  NOT HELPFUL!

2.    Relax shoulders on the run. Again, hunching my shoulders is not going to benefit my run.  Relaxed shoulders, relaxed arms, relaxed stride. BETTER!

Hi Trigirls!

I raced in Antwerp 70.3 this weekend – a beautiful city and although the bike course was not “scenic” as such as it went round and round their industrial dock yards x3… if you like industry and dock yards then this is the course for you. Personally I quite liked them but I understand that they are not everyone’s choice! It was strong winds in all directions (through and between stacks of shipping containers) but the course was pretty flat with the exception of the odd gear change for a road bridge.

Organisation was good, registration easy the day before or there was an option of registering on race morning. Racking was on race morning and we had a very sociable start time

I finished off my training week with a race. I made the long journey (all of 10min) to race at Dorney Lake this morning at the SteelMan olympic distance triathlon.

I came in first lady at 2.04.56

Swim: 0.23.40

T1: 0.01.07

Bike: 1.03.01

T2: 0.00.45

Run: 0.36.20

Many thanks to you all for all of your support – it was great to be back racing, even if it did feel like it was over before I’d started!

Next week is Henley Challenge River Swim, I’ll keep you posted…

Hello Trigirls!

Hope this finds you in good health? If the health is not so good – I hope that this finds you in good spirits! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that…

At the moment, while I’m not in perfect health (I’m having a few back problems that have prevented me from long distance triathlon racing so far this season), I still feel that there is plenty to work on, and there is plenty of hope on the horizon.  I’ve just had to re-evaluate my short-term goals and while I’m confident that my long-term goal of racing at the World Championships Ironman in Hawaii (in 2012) is still achievable, it is going be via a different route to the one planned at the beginning of this year.

So what are your triathlon or training goals? Are they achievable? Are they too easy even? Do they need re-evaluating? I try and have goals for every session; it can take less than 30seconds to clarify what the

Trigirl is thrilled to announce professional triathlete Corinne Abraham as our new brand ambassador.

We are looking forward to following her first season as a professional triathlete in our lovely Trigirl kit. We wish Corinne all the best and good luck for her first big race this weekend, the Ironman in Texas on 21st of May!

Here is what Corinne has to say about our kit:  “…The stylish kit has colour, cut, and the fabric technology has research and science behind it.  Honestly? I put my Triumph Tankini on and I feel glamorous – not red carpet stuff of course but I don’t feel like I’m in my perpetual uniform of “training wear”…”

To read the full article and to learn more about Corinne, please visit her website at www.corinneabraham.com