“Any old shorts and a T-shirt will get me over the finish line as long as I have done my training, right?”

Well, maybe, but you might want to think about a little extra help to boost your triathlon performance...

All fabrics are NOT created equal

Triathlon Performance - Trisuit with Bust SupportTechnical fabrics have properties that help you perform at your best. And Trigirl fabric has fabulous properties galore!

Starting with our 2017 collection, Trigirl trisuits have been made from a new revolutionary technical fabric, i.e. a sustainable material made of regenerated polyamide (nylon).

And since you ask, ‘regenerated’ means recycled but better! Recycled usually indicates that the newly derived product is of lesser quality than the original product. Regenerated means the new product (the tech fibre in this case) is of the same high-grade quality the original fibre was!

Our amazing fabric is super soft and stretchable in all directions. A lot of other gym kit could claim that, but Trigirl fabric does more.

The ECONYL® trademarked tech fabric is twice as resistant to chlorine water and sun creams. Your kit will last much longer!

This ECONYL® fabric is highly breathable and dries amazingly quickly. You will appreciate this property when you are zipping around on the bike, feeling dry and warm post-swim!

The fabric also offers a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. As a result, the fabric holds you in and supports muscle function without restricting  movement.

Don’t suffer soggy, saggy kit that keeps you cold and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Treat yourself to a trisuit that shapes and performs while being kind to the planet. A trisuit that will make you cross the finish line in true style.

Design detail

Carefully considered design details further enhance the overall performance. Our trisuits feature a zip pull that won’t bounce around when you run, flat locked seams that won’t chafe and a set of roomy pockets to help you carry your race day nutrition. The leg hem is designed not to dig in, ever, guaranteed!

The female-specific tri pad will give you proper protection on the bike without annoyingly rubbing on the run. The pad is thin yet effective and, of course, quick drying!

We listen to our customers and have incorporated ideas, such as a longer leg-length to offer you more coverage. And we are the only company offering triathlon capri pants which are, year-after year, our bestseller!

We design kit that we want to wear- and we are confident that you will too. Practical, flattering, sustainable and gorgeous.

Bust support

We believe inadequate bust support is the single biggest mistake most novice female triathletes make when it comes to choosing their race day kit. Some trisuit brands offer none at all. Other brands opt for a flimsy built-in shelf bra that doesn’t really do anything with regards to support.

You think it’s just one race? You think you can get away with a bit of bounce just for once? NO! Think again! Breast tissue has no muscle – once it sags it won’t go back. Not to mention, it hurts and can cause unnecessary race-day chafing.

Of course, no one size can fit all women. That’s why Trigirl has come up with the ultimate solution. We offer a matching quick-drying power-mesh support crop top with all our trisuits and tops. These crop tops are perfect for A, B and smaller C cups.

These crop tops are not built-in to the trisuit. Therefore, if you are a larger cup size, simply replace the Trigirl crop top with our recommended Anita Active quick drying DynamiX sports bra in your own cup size. The DynamiX is a maximum support, lightweight bra that is excellently suited for triathlon.

Getting a sports bra for larger sizes right takes special know-how, something that Anita has after over 125 years in the business. Comfortable fit with ergonomically shaped cups and straps, Anita bras have won awards, including a Product of the Year for the DynamiX .

Additionally, some Trigirl triathlon tops are cut bigger in the chest to make them more suitable and more comfortable when worn with a larger-sized sports bra.

Always always always wear sufficient support in training and racing, every time!

No excuse – 20% bra discount!

We want you to be supported properly! If you are an A, B or smaller C cup, choose our trisuits including Trigirl support crop top.

If you are a C cup or larger, purchase an Anita DynamiX bra in your size at a whopping 20% discount together with your trisuit! This discount is applied automatically at checkout. No discount code needed.

And if you are not sure what your bra size might be, don’t worry, we are here to help. Email us your measurements and we will advise the best triathlon bra solution. We require your underbust measurement and the measurement at the fullest point of your bust (when wearing a comfortable, well fitted bra without padding).

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How can you justify the expense of a new trisuit that you might just wear for one race?

Trisuits aren’t just for race day! You can wear your trisuit running, cycling, swimming and in the gym! 

One piece vs two-piece trisuit

Trisuit one piece or two pieceWomen debate the one-piece vs two-piece trisuit question all the time.

One-piece trisuits feel sleek and sporty- no riding up exposing your midriff, no flapping hem in a pool swim. However, few women feel comfortable training in a full trisuit. You may get less use from your one-piece unless you race a lot.

Two-piece styles have advantages in fit and versatility. They are perfect for you if you have a long or short torso, or if you wear a different size top and bottom. A two-piece allows you to order different sizes for top and shorts, resulting in a better fit for your body shape. The versatility of a two-piece means you use it more often in training.

The best of both worlds – only at Trigirl

But what if you want the sleek feel of a one-piece with no riding up of a hem and you also want the versatility of a two-piece?

Trigirl has come up with the perfect option that gives you the best of both worlds… Our swimsuit & tri shorts/ tri capris  combination!

The Trigirl FLOW swimsuit is specifically designed for triathlon. It features a high neck and excellent bust support, suitable for running. Combine it with a pair of matching Trigirl tri shorts or tri capris for two excellent items of training kit that work together as the perfect suit on race day.

Choose the shorts from three leg lengths: standard-length shorts, long-leg shorts and a triathlon capri length.

All of this in a sustainably-produced product, made to highest quality standards. With a little care, your Trigirl kit will last for a very long time, giving you lots of happy training and race experiences.

Save 10% on all sets

All Trigirl two-piece sets are 10% off the purchase price of items bought separately.

And remember that you can always mix and match sizes! Need a larger size top and smaller bottoms? Or the other way round? Just drop us an email and mark your request in the ‘notes’ line when placing an order.

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Want to help leave the world a better place?

Trigirl is the only triathlon clothing brand with a sustainable ethos. 

Polyamide (Nylon) vs Polyester

Sustainably-Sourced-TrisuitsUsing recycled fabric for sportswear is not new. You may have come across technical T-shirts, swimsuits and polar fleeces made from plastic bottles. These are made of recycled polyester. Polyester can be a great sportswear fabric but unfortunately it is not as strong and durable as polyamide, also called nylon.

Nylon is by far the strongest fibre of all. This strength makes for a better trisuit material as it allows for thinner, faster drying material. Nylon is also stretchier, making it more comfortable for tight fitting garments.

Choose a nylon-based fabric for a durable, long-lasting trisuit.

Recycling nylon

The recycling of nylon was pioneered only a few years ago. Currently, there is still only one company able to recycle nylon on an industrial scale- Aquafil. Under the brand ECONYL®, they make a recycled nylon fibre that is just as strong and durable as virgin nylon fibre, yet it is re-generated from old fishing nets, carpet fluff and other consumer waste.

Watch this video to lean more about the recycling process of ECONYL® by Aquafil.

What difference does it make?

Quite a lot actually! For every 100 tons of ECONYL® raw material, we are able to save 700 barrels of crude oil and avoid 571 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

As well as being a solution to waste, ECONYL® regenerated nylon is also better when it comes to climate change. It reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with nylon derived from oil.

Sustainable and ethical

Trigirl trisuits are made using re-generated nylon, but we don’t stop there. We are proud to combine sustainability with ethical standards in the workplace.

Our trisuits are all produced locally, in the EU. This guarantees that our factories pay at least minimum wage and adhere to labour laws. Transportation of finished product is by truck, never by plane, to keep our carbon footprint low. And, from spring 2020, all of our packaging is recycled or biodegradable.

Want to do more?

If we have inspired you to do more than just choosing a trisuit made from ECONYL® fabric, please consider supporting the Healthy Seas initiative with a donation. Your money will help to recover abandoned fishing nets from the oceans so they can be turned into ECONYL® fabrics.

Visit the healthyseas.org website to learn more.
You are never too small to make a difference.

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Trigirl Believes in Women Helping Women

Since our launch in 2007, Trigirl’s goal has been to empower women in the triathlon community, starting with triathlon kit that works for women. But we feel that supporting women in the triathlon community isn’t enough.

Women's AidIn keeping with our mission to empower women, Trigirl is proudly supporting Women’s Aid, a grass-roots federation working to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

Women’s Aid advocates Change that Lasts, a new strengths-based, needs-led approach that supports domestic abuse survivors and their children, to build resilience, and lead to independence.

A few of our initiatives to support Women’s Aid include:

  • Donation through associate membership
  • For every Spice trisuit purchased, Trigirl will donate £3 to Women’s Aid
  • Fundraising through the British 10k in July
  • Supporting Women’s Aid events, such as Stand-Up for Women

We are proud to be supporting women, both in triathlon and in the community!

To see more about Women’s Aid’s valuable work, click here.

Top Tips for Conquering Your Triathlon Cycling Fears

Triathlon Cycling FearsFor many new triathletes, one of the biggest challenges is the swim. Often, an aspiring triathlete either doesn’t swim well, is afraid of open water swimming, or really has never swum before. Therefore, everyone (Trigirl included!) has articles and advice about how to improve your swimming for triathlon.

But what about cycling? Yes, most people who sign up for a triathlon remember cycling as a child or they ride at the gym or commute on their bikes to work, but triathlon is a whole new ride. What do you need for triathlon cycling and how do you conquer your triathlon cycling fears?

Common Triathlon Cycling Fears

Fearing the bike portion of triathlon is not uncommon. It’s the longest part of any race, so even the best cyclist might look at the bike leg as a daunting task. But as a novice cyclist, you probably have even more worries. Do you need a road or triathlon bike (and how do you balance on those skinny tyres?!) Do you have to use clipless pedals (also known as cleats or clip-ins)? How do you ride in a group for training? If you’ve asked these questions, read on!

The Bike

A lot of people who are considering triathlon ask if they need to buy a new bike. A road bike or triathlon bike (also known as a TT or time-trial bike) will be faster than a hybrid-style or mountain bike. They are lighter and more aerodynamic, for one thing. But a good one is also expensive. British Triathlon rules allow for most roadworthy, well-maintained bikes (they must have a brake on each wheel and both wheels must be free wheels, so no ‘fixies’). This means that it is perfect fine for you to ride the hybrid bike that you’ve ridden for years in a triathlon race.

If you are trying your first triathlon, there is no pressure to go out and buy a fancy bike, unless of course, you want a great excuse to go out and buy a fancy bike! Of course, you may be a bit slower, but you have a chance to try racing a triathlon and know that you really love it before making a big investment. And once you do buy a road bike, you’ll be strong from pedalling along on a heavier bike and riding the lighter bike will feel like a breeze!

And as far as balancing on those tyres? It’s really not that different! Practice, first on flatter straighter surfaces, then work on trickier elements such as cornering and downhills. You’ll get used to the skinnies in no time.

The Pedals

Conquer-Triathlon-Cycling-Fears‘I’m afraid of being clipped into my pedals.’ You’re not alone! Most people who have never ridden clip-in pedals (strangely also known as clipless pedals!) find the idea intimidating.

The good news: you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. The other good news? They are actually easy to use and make your cycling much easier! A great article on clipless pedals and how to use them can be found here, but a few points to note:

  • Clipless pedals are more efficient because they allow you to use a bigger variety of muscles within your pedal stroke. In other words, cycling becomes easier and your muscles aren’t subject to as much fatigue.
  • Clipless pedals are safer than ‘cages’ (and again, more efficient!)
  • Ask at your bike shop about loosening your pedals. There is a spring-tension system that when loosened, make clipping out much, much easier.
  • Clip out one foot at a time!
  • Practice first holding onto something (or on a trainer or spin bike) so that you get used to the motion of clipping out.

Group Riding

In a triathlon race, group riding is not permitted. However, chances are good that you’ll want to train with friends or ride in a club ride prior to race day. Riding in a close group (or ‘pack’ or ‘pelaton’ as it’s known in cycling circles) is a skill that takes some getting used to, but there are basic rules to make things safer and easier. First of all, try to choose a group that plans to ride at a pace that is comfortable for you. Then relax and don’t panic!

Before going on a group ride, practice ‘holding your line’. This basically means that you can ride in a straight line (or follow the curve of the road when applicable). Don’t brake too hard or suddenly – again this has to do with being relaxed and staying observant. Learn the lingo: riders in the group will shout out warnings to keep the group safe. A few to be aware of are ‘car back’ to let riders know that a car is approaching from behind, ‘walker (or car) up’ when something is approaching from the front, ‘line out’ to indicate that riders need to form a single line if they’ve been riding two abreast.

Most importantly, find out from the group your riding with what their policies are for a group ride (or chat with your friends before you go out on a ride together). What happens if someone gets dropped from the group? What type of formations do they ride in? For some easy to understand tips, check out these guidelines. It’s not nearly as daunting as it may seem, and riding with a group is an excellent way to get faster and have more fun!

Cycling can be the most fun part of your triathlon training (there are cake stops!) So forget your fears and get on your bike!

See you out on the roads!

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