large-size trisuits


large-size trisuitsEven though we love our tri kit at Trigirl, we know that squeezing into a stretchy suit made of Lycra isn’t really the most fun part of triathlon. And many triathlon clothing companies make it worse by not offering a large-size trisuit or options to fit the variety of female triathlete body types.

We’ve tried to make finding a trisuit (and looking and feeling great wearing it) easier, by offering trisuits in sizes ranging to XL, with options to help find your very best fit, no matter your trisuit ‘challenge’.

Trisuit Challenge #1 – I’m only finding tiny trisuits… am I’m not tiny!

Our Vivacity, Athena and Energie one-piece trisuit styles are available in XL. The Athena trisuit also features a longer leg length, offering more coverage than those teeny trisuits on the market.large-size trisuits

We also offer our champion tri short and Pace triathlon capri is size XL.

Trisuit Challenge #2 – I’ve got boobs!

Our Athena trisuit has more fabric built into the bust area, meaning more coverage for larger cups sizes. And our Endurance tri top is also available cut for larger-busted women, so you have your choice of a one-piece or two-piece trisuit option.

In addition, we offer Anita sports bras in a vast range of cup sizes for women who need extra support and coverage.

Trisuit Challenge #3 – I hate my legs (or knees or…)!

First of all, stop hating your legs! They are doing amazing things, carrying you through a triathlon!

If you’d still rather cover them up a bit, Trigirl offers the amazing Pace triathlon capri, complete with triathlon cycling pad. There is also the Speed long-leg tri short if you’d still like a short style, but prefer a bit more length. And of course, as mentioned above, our Athena one-piece trisuit is a long-leg option as well.

If you’re looking for a large-size trisuit or just want the most comfortable and figure-flattering suit for your body, check out Trigirl!