Stretching after Triathlon Training

Stretching after Triathlon Training
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Bend me, shape me…

Triathon training. It’s all about swimming, cycling and running, right? Well yes…and no.

It’s so tempting to finish a tough training session and promptly collapse on the sofa (that’s not just me is it?). But what you do immediately after exercise could be the most important few minutes of all.

Arguably two of the best additional elements you can add to your training are stretching and foam rolling. They might not represent the most glamorous side of triathlon preparation but a few minutes a day will be a valuable investment of your time.

Stretching after Triathlon Training

There is an ongoing debate in the fitness industry about the benefits of stretching, but in my experience a few minutes of stretching at the end of a training session can save a couple of days of aching muscles!

What does it do?