triathlon cycling questions


Triathlon Cycling QuestionsOften, an aspiring triathlete fears the swim. Therefore, everyone (Trigirl included!) has articles and advice about how to improve your swimming for triathlon. But what about cycling?  What do you need for triathlon cycling and how do you conquer your triathlon cycling fears?

Do you need a road or triathlon bike (and how do you balance on those skinny tyres!)? Do you have to use clipless pedals (also known as cleats or clip-ins)? How do you ride in a group for training?

Trigirl’s latest article, Conquering Your Triathlon Cycling Fears, will answer all your triathlon cycling questions, guaranteed to get you happily riding in no time!

And if you’ve conquered your fears and you’re looking for your next great ride, be sure to check out British Cycling‘s website full of cycling tips and ride ideas and our recent article on cycle sportives!