Trigirl Competition


Trigirl Winner AnnouncedTrigirl is excited to announce that we have chosen the winners in our latest Trigirl giveaway!

We asked you: Why would you like to race in a women’s-only event?Would you like to see more women’s triathlons in the UK? Overwhelmingly, the response was that a women’s race is so much more supportive and fun and that YES!, you would love more women’s races.

While it was difficult to choose from all of the amazing responses, we are happy to announce that Marion Moore and Rainy Marsh are the winners of a FREE entry to the Venus Women’s Only triathlon in July.

We had an overwhelmingly large amount of applicants to our competition and it has been very difficult to make a decision as all applications were of such a high standard.

Congratulations to Debbie Loughran from Swindon, the lucky winner of our Trigirl Triathlete competition. To start her journey in becoming a triathlete, Debbie will be attending our Novice Training Day in Bristol on the 8th of May. Debbie’s goal is to complete the Cotswold Sprint Triathlon on 4th of September and Trigirl will support her in her training and race preparation.

We are looking forward to following Debbie on her journey and we will be reporting about her progress in our blog.