Basic triathlon training log with in a page-per-month layout.Whether you are training for your first sprint triathlon race or are an experienced ironman distancer, you really should keep a training log for your entire training and race season.

At a minimum you should record basic details about each training session such as type, time and distance covered. Ideally you also want to record particularities such as your personal form, mood, weather or any other factor that would have affected your training experience that day. In addition try to show your monthly training goals in the header of each log page to keep your training sessions focused.

Remember that you can download a basic but perfectly sufficient page-per-month training log from the training page of our website It’s completely free. Whether you use our log template or decide to set-up your own personalized log, don’t put it off if you haven’t started logging your training yet.

You will feel so much more motivated when you can see your training efforts at a glace. A well kept training log makes you feel so proud. Moreover you’ll get loads of confidence that you can achieve your race goals come race day when you can look back at a nicely completed training log.

A training log is an easy but extremely effective tool to spur you on and to stop you from skipping sessions when you don’t feel like training on a bad day.

Start logging today!

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