Trigirl’s Susan Tri top and Ellen Tri shorts have stormed through review testing with flying colours this week!  Trifinder’s expert tester proclaimed “she absolutely loved it” with the tank top being “exceptionally comfy and supportive” and both items scoring highly with 9/10 for value and style.

The gorgeously feminine Susan tri top and Ellen shorts went through a rigorous testing at two running and triathlon events. First at a sprint triathlon where the suit demonstrated its ability to “shed water quickly” and provide full comfort for the triathlete in the saddle, achieving a maximum comfort rating of 10/10!

At the second test, a 10km road race in Barbados, which the tester won incidentally, the suit was highly commended for its unique mesh back with the tester explaining that the  “mesh back helps keep you cool on the run, wicking any sweat away quickly and effectively”.

Trifinder’s review tester could not have been more supportive of our clothing’s versatility, fit and comfort stating  -“I would recommend these female specific shorts and tank top and will definitely buy from this range again ”

To read the review in full please click on the following link.

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