Autumn – A Time for Reflection and Action Plans!


So it is nearly end of the triathlon racing season in the UK. Leaves are turning brown, sleeves are the norm when going out on the bike and open water swim venues are closing. Booo! This means a several things to me.

1)      Reflect on my season to date
2)      Review plans for Kona 2012
3)      Draw up action plan including consideration of the following

a.      Race calendar
b.      Training needs
c.       Budget

I tend to find this a pretty tiring but rewarding process. It requires a good look at my weaknesses, limitations and areas for improvement. Initially my ego takes a bashing, my confidence plummets and I start to question why on earth I’m doing this.  It is emotionally quite a tough thing to do. It has been a challenging 8 months, my body and mind are tired from pushing myself and things haven’t gone according to “Plan A”. Being critical of myself, picking holes in my physical and mental approach to training and racing is not something I particularly want to sit down and do!

But this ultimately is a good thing. I remind myself why I am doing this; I look at new ways of improving and draw up an action plan for achieving my goals.  If I don’t do this now, I’ll be in danger of  “flapping in the wind”, drifting along with no clear path but vaguely heading in the direction of Hawaii. I’m pretty sure that this approach will not get me to the top.  It may, if I’m lucky, get me to Kona, but it is not going to help me achieve my full potential as a long distance triathlete.

So over the next few days I’m going to crack on with the tough stuff.  Take a long hard look in the mirror, listen to those around me who know my strengths and weaknesses and get a plan together for the next 12 months.  The idea being I’ll emerge the other side of this process a little wiser, more focused, and confident in my goals!

So tri-girls, I hope that you get to enjoy the end of the summer! Appreciate the autumnal mornings, running with crunchy leaves underfoot and the magical light that happens when storm-cloud skies and sunlight merge in the evenings. Autumn, my favorite season.

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