Inspiration comes in many forms. Here at Trigirl, we are especially inspired by women in triathlon.

Women daring to toe the start line for the very first time, women who have battled personal challenges to become triathletes, women who have found sport in their golden years or after having children, and women who have used triathlon to lose weight, get healthy, and take their lives and their future into their own hands.

So in honour of all of you – triathletes and aspiring triathletes alike – we’ll be introducing some of our most Inspiring Women in the coming weeks here on our website.

They aren’t professionals and they may not always win their races. They may have overcome obstacles in their own lives – sickness, injury, grief – and have gone on to compete in triathlon with dedication, positive attitudes and fierce determination.

Our Inspirational Women not only participate in triathlon, but inspire others to take part. We think they’ll inspire you, too!

Are you or is someone you know an Inspiring Woman? Tell us… We’d love to hear your story and share the inspiration!

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