It’s been nearly  two months since my last update; the summer has just flown by and events are wrapping up for the season, with bookings open for next year already – how did that happen!?

After the Hillingdon triathlon in mid-July my focus turned to surviving the school summer holidays! Training became somewhat of a challenge, I accepted that it would be impossible to aim for 3 or 4 sessions a week and that I’d just take what I could get… I found myself running and swimming when we were on family holidays and I could leave the kids with my husband. I also dragged the kids along with me on their bikes, while I ran with the dog. If I could manage it, I’d also go out very early, before my husband went to work.

By the time the holidays ended I couldn’t wait to get going again, feel the endorphin rush and enjoy the physical and mental boost that I felt each time I exercised… As a middle-aged mum, these things are important!  What really surprised me was that I was fitter than I was expecting and pretty much able to pick up where I left off (though I don’t know how I ran the Great North this time last year)…  I decided to commit to another event, or two, before the end of October.

Last weekend I took part in a local community Splash to Dash event, run by my triathlon coach, Jo Lewis. It was a swim and run event for the local community to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Children from eight years upwards were able to take part, with distances staggered according to age. I was really proud of my 9-year-old daughter for taking part and experiencing the thrill of the event with supporters cheering on. I was one of only 8 women in my category and finished 5th, as always the swim slowed me down – I was 3rd in the run and very pleased with that as it was really undulating and felt hard getting up the hills, especially on the third loop of the course!

So, I have one more event to come and it will be quite tough for me. It’s called the ‘Devils Duathlon’ run by 2M Events on 7 October: I’m doing the shorter distance of 5k run, 20k bike and 5k run… the 10k run will be a real challenge, together with the bike ride. I ran 9k yesterday and will continue to train for it over the next couple of weeks, but have decided to wait and see how I’m feeling and how much I can get out on the bike in this foul weather we’re experiencing…

… and that will be my season over! In the next few months I’m going to continue spinning, swimming and running and who knows what 2013 will bring!

 A huge Thank You to Katie Emery for sharing her triathlon experiences with us this season, inspiring us with her enthusiasm and being an all-around great ambassador for the Trigirl brand!

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