British Cycling WomenDo you lack confidence on the bike? Or maybe you had an amazing triathlon season and you’re considering cycle racing? Want to meet other female cyclists who are feeling the same way?

British Cycling is offering a series of four sessions this autumn, aimed at developing women cyclists of all levels. Sessions are aimed at all women road cyclists looking to improve their skills and knowledge and will be delivered by qualified British Cycling coaches.

Each session will be divided into three groups, arranged by level; focusing on bike handling skills, group/close riding, teamwork, set pieces, fun race scenarios and coach-led racing.

Activities will be catered to suit level of experience, from learning the techniques, to gaining the skills to performing them under pressure. Individual and small group attention will be offered to help guarantee comfort in the skills presented.

Sessions will progress throughout the series, however, each session can be registered for individually.

The Trigirl team is looking forward to the sessions ourselves as the perfect way to gain some valuable skills during the off-season, pick up a little speed for next season, and of course, to promote women in racing!

For more information or to register, please see British Cycling’s link here.

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