Women's Only TriathlonsAs part of our recently launched competition to win a place at the Venus Women’s Only Triathlon, we asked, ‘Why would you like to race in a women’s-only event? Would you like to see more women’s triathlons in the UK?’

Your responses have shared a universal desire to see more women’s races – and everyone who has responded has told us that women’s only races are more supportive, less intimidating and they are really fun!

If you’d like to participate in a supportive, fun women’s race this season, check out our guide, updated for 2014. We’ve complied a list of women’s races throughout the country, along with dates and website links, so that you can pick the race that’s best for you.

And while you’re signing up for your women’s only race, why not drop us a line and enter our competition by letting us know why you’re choosing a women’s only race and if you’d like to see more in the UK? You could win a free place at the Venus Tri!

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