Gluten Free TriathleteRestricted to a gluten-free or dairy-free diet? Not sure if it’s possible to be a gluten- or dairy-free triathlete?

In our latest nutrition article, nutritional therapist Jo Scott-Dalgleish offers advice for Trigirls who need to avoid gluten or dairy, but still want the energy to complete and compete in triathlon.

Avoiding gluten or dairy because you think it will help you to control your weight, your friend is doing it, or because you have heard that everyone should avoid these foods for optimal health, adds unnecessary complexity to putting together a nutrient dense, health-promoting diet to support your triathlon goals. Therefore, we do not recommend avoiding gluten or dairy without good reason.

However, some people clearly need to avoid gluten and/or dairy products for health reasons… that doesn’t need to stop you from being a triathlete!

Jo offers information and ideas to help you put together a way of eating that optimises both your performance and your health.

In addition to discussing the best foods to help maintain a nutritious, balanced gluten- or dairy-free diet, there are also ideas for delicious pre-training meals, recovery snacks, and main meals that will keep your energy high and support your active lifestyle.

To read all of Jo’s tips and to be the best gluten- or dairy-free triathlete you can be, see the full article here.

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