Best Tri Suits in a Discount BundleTraining for and racing triathlon can be expensive. It can be a little daunting when you start looking at everything you need (or want!) once you decide to take up the sport!

May we suggest our special packages that include a lot of what you need at a discounted price? While we can’t promise to make triathlon cheap, we can help ease the burden with our triathlon starter package offers.

Our newest bundles feature our best tri suits, the popular Vivacity or Momentum trisuit, and also include some of our best-selling accessories, such as our technical cap, gel padded cycling gloves, and elastic laces. Both come with a 12-week training plan to help start your training on the right foot.

We’ve got other amazing packages, too, including our cycling and our swim bundles – all of which include loads of training and racing essentials. You’ll save up to £23.00!

Our packages are a great gift, too – for yourself or for someone special who is taking on the triathlon challenge!

Still not even sure what you need? Why not check out our article Top 10 Beginner Triathlon Essentials? We’ve pared down the essentials to let you know what you really need to train and race (hint, a great trisuit is one!) and what you don’t (£3500 bike, anyone?)

Of course, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have about our bundles or our kit.

Happy Training!

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