British triathlete, Leanda Cave, is expanding her female Team LC ambassador group in the US. Though the programme is currently in the US only (Cave lives and trains in the States), we’re excited to see that they are hoping to take it worldwide in the future. (And we’re hoping that since Leanda is British, that we’ll be next!)

Leanda CaveTeam LC is a women’s ambassadorship program for both elite as well as amateur age groupers from across the US. They are expanding from 18 ambassadors in 2017 to 30 this year.

Even though we can’t apply (yet!) we’re thrilled to see the increase in an organisation that is so in line with Trigirl’s core values.


On their website, Team LC lists their beliefs as:

  • Creating opportunities for achievement
  • Creating a supportive environment to help realize personal and professional goals
  • Increasing women participation in sport and female leadership in the business world
  • Recruiting women athletes from all over the US and eventually worldwide
  • Building and growing a strong community of women to be physically active
  • Encouraging other women to participate in triathlons
  • Looking for women role models who are full of energy and motivation
  • Recruiting women who will have a positive influence on others to live a healthy lifestyle

We love it!

According to Endurance Business, ‘Team LC will provide ambassadors with financial means, product endorsements, mentoring, coaching, camps and a supportive community that will enable the athletes to realize their personal and professional goals. Funds for the team will come from various partners and the Leanda Cave Foundation.’

Trigirl is following the news on Team LC’s expansion and will keep you posted when we hear of UK opportunities in the future!

But for now… Happy Training!

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