Welcome to week two of HITT, Trigirl’s High-Intensity Triathlon Training!

Getting Started

If you’re new to Trigirl’s weekly HITT training, see last week’s post for more information on HITT, how it works and how to approach the sessions.

Though high-intensity training has been proven safe, if you are starting a new exercise plan (whether traditional triathlon training or HITT), it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor.

Your HITT Session for the Week:

This HITT swim session can be performed in very little time, but a decent warm-up and some drills are included to get you and your swim form prepped and ready for the hard work HITT intervals. There is also a recommended cool down at the end, but all-in the session still clocks in at under 30 minutes!

Warm-up for 10 minutes:
– 5 minutes front crawl easy
– 3 minutes light kick (keep it fairly easy!)
– 2 minutes pull (front crawl using a pool buoy)

Drill set:
4-6 x 50 metres (as 25 m 6-3-6 drill, 25 m front crawl)

Watch video of 6-3-6 drill here.
The 6-3-6 drill means 6 kicks on your side, take three strokes and breathe, 6 kicks on your other side.
It can be performed with or without fins. Swim Smooth has a comprehensive cheat sheet featuring this and other swim drills here.
* 6-3-6 drill will help work on some important fundamentals, including body position in the water, rhythm/ timing, good rotation and bilateral breathing. *

HITT set:
8-10 x 25 metres, working at an all-out pace. Rest 20 seconds between each 25 m.
* The goal here is to maintain the speed of the original 25 (known as even split), or get even faster (negative split). Remember, these sessions are short and require hard effort to be effective! 

Cool down for 5 minutes or more, mixing in back- and breaststroke.

Happy HITT training!

HITT training swim

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