Want to show your triathlon pride, even when you’re not racing or training? Looking for an extra layer to wear pre- and post-race? How about one (or more!) of our new Trigirl Triathlon T-shirts?

Our new T-shirts are soft, stylish and feature a female triathlete swimming, cycling and running. The perfect way to show your triathlon love and your tri-girl power!

In two styles and three colour choices, Trigirl Triathlon T-shirts are 100% cotton or a super-soft cotton-poly blend, depending on style. Great for when you’re recovering– or just relaxing! Each T-shirt coordinates with Trigirl capris and  tri shorts, too, so putting together the perfect outfit is a snap!

We think our T-shirts are so great, we plan to expand the range- what do you think? What graphics would you like to see? More images? Cheeky or fun triathlon quotes? Something inspirational/motivational? What fit and colour is your favourite? What colour would you like to see? How are you wearing the new Trigirl Triathlon Ts?

Drop us a line at marketing@trigirl.co.uk or comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Happy Training (and recovering!) x

Triathlon T-shirts for Women

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