Race Across America (RAAM) cycling race starting 15th of June

Trigirl is thrilled to announce that we are sponsoring the Serpentine Golden Girls in their second time racing as a four-woman team in the Race Across America (RAAM) cycling race.

RAAM, a.k.a. The Toughest Bike Race in the World, is a 3,000 mile race across the US, riding through 12 states, starting on the West Coast in California and finishing on the East Coast in Maryland. Taking in the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, Monument Valley as well as the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts.

The race also has 170,000 feet worth of vertical climbs! Sounds tough for even the most ‘typical’ lycra-clad road warriors… but the Golden Girls aren’t your typical cyclists! At a combined age of 280, the women were the eldest four-person team ever to complete the race when they did it at an average age of 60, 11 years ago. They are now looking to beat their own record. 

The Race Across America – Serpentine Golden Girls start pedalling on the 15th June and will be rolling through the finish on or before the 23rd. We wish Edwina Brocklesby, Hilary Walker, Hilary Webber and Margaret Sills all the very best of luck for this amazing and highly inspirational adventure! Go Golden Girls!!! 


Trigirl supports women of all ages and body types living the challenge swimming, cycling and running. We believe in a healthy lifestyle and encourage women to participate in all levels of endurance exercise to promote not only their physical, but perhaps even more importantly, their mental well-being.

Trigirl is proud to offer triathlon clothing, specifically for women, that is sustainable, fashionable and flattering. Our trisuits are comfortable and fit well without ever compromising on performance.

As a London-based brand, Trigirl has had close ties with the Serpentine Running and Triathlon Club (the Golden Girls’ club!) since we were established in 2008.

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