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Trigirl adds running bras to our successful Anita line

running brasThe Trigirl online shop has been carrying Anita bras for the past few years to great success.

Our customers love their excellent support and quick-drying capabilities, which are perfect for triathlon. So we’re especially excited to announce new styles and colours, including the Dynamix running bra, a high-impact bra with a softly padded lining.

The Dynamix is the ideal running bra for a full range of cups sizes, offering extra-firm support, easily adjustable straps, and a special easy on & off design, a detail which has won design awards in 2014 and 2015/2016.

In addition to the Dynamix, we’ve added fun new Anita colours, including grape and peacock, to compliment our previous range of neutrals. And speaking of awards, Triathlon Plus previously tested the Anita Extreme Control bra (which we now carry in a range of four colours!) and awarded it four stars for support, comfort and breathability in their ‘Best Sports Bras for Triathlon’ review.

Getting a sports bra right takes special know-how, something that Anita has after over 125 years in the business. Anita Active sports bras are comfortably fit for cup sizes A-H, giving support to a full range of active women. In addition, they have ergonomically-designed straps for maximum comfort.

And of course, we still offer our Trigirl super fast-drying crop tops for women who need a little less support, as well as including a supportive separate bra or crop top with every trisuit. If you would like more advice on sports bra fit and care, we can help with that, too. See our article Triathlon Bra Tips and Advice for more on how your triathlon or running bras should fit, things to look for in a bra and the best ways to care for them.

If you’re looking for the best running bra or triathlon bra available, look no further! Buy Now.