Trigirl Brand Ambassador


Until a few months ago I wasn’t sure what exactly a triathlon was and the idea of ever taking part in one was about as likely as winning the X-factor.


As a 43-year-old mum of three, I’d resigned myself to slowing down, getting even softer around the edges and giving up on unmet dreams, of which there are many. I was doing Pilates, sporadic runs and the odd Zumba class – which had more to do with escaping domestic chaos and getting away from my home office desk than getting fit. I was as fit as I was ever going to get.

Then one of my friends started telling me about a local triathlon class she’d joined. I wasn’t interested, but as her shape and fitness levels started changing, I noticed a niggling little voice: “If she can do it…” Although I was terrified, I joined Jo’s tri-team for a few friendly sessions at first and loved it! Jo Lewis, in her fifties and a triathlon athlete in her own right who has represented GB, was a huge inspiration. Here was someone more than 10 years older than me, who clearly had no intention of slowing down, looked great and is still competing and inspiring men and women of all ages to get fit.

Trigirl is thrilled to announce professional triathlete Corinne Abraham as our new brand ambassador.

We are looking forward to following her first season as a professional triathlete in our lovely Trigirl kit. We wish Corinne all the best and good luck for her first big race this weekend, the Ironman in Texas on 21st of May!

Here is what Corinne has to say about our kit:  “…The stylish kit has colour, cut, and the fabric technology has research and science behind it.  Honestly? I put my Triumph Tankini on and I feel glamorous – not red carpet stuff of course but I don’t feel like I’m in my perpetual uniform of “training wear”…”

To read the full article and to learn more about Corinne, please visit her website at www.corinneabraham.com

Our Dutch brand ambassador Maryvonne van den Berg is planning to compete in many triathlons this year and is already doing a fantastic job blogging away.

Lizzy Brama has just been appointed UK brand ambassador (see previous blog) and will soon be blogging her progress.

We are now on the lookout for ambassadors in other countries so get in touch if you are interested!

I just love, love, love being a triathlete and living in Brighton. This morning I was woken up bright and early by the sun shining through the gap in my curtains. I had a short coffee, then quickly shoved my wetsuit, hat, goggles, and a towel in my bag, put my swimming costume and some clothes on, grabbed my helmet, and jumped on my bike to ride down the hill into town. The seafront promenade was already buzzing with life before 9am.

Just when you thought you had heard of every triathlon event under the sun! Eurostar are holding the first ever triathlon event across three cities in one day! The newly organized Tri-City-Athlon includes a swim in Paris, bike in Brussels and run in London and it is left to Trigirl’s triathlon star Katharine Vile to bring home some Tri glory but not before she gains enough support to enter!

Trigirl fully supports Katharine Vile in her quest to take part in the race, this is what Katharine has to say for herself; “ My first triathlon was after I’d suffered from the illness ME for many years – to see if I could manage the challenge and I took the opportunity to raise money for the ME Association. I survived the race and caught the tri bug! The Tri-City-Athlon would be an incredibly exciting challenge.

On the 31st of March myself and two friends flew to Mallorca for a 10 days of cycling, cycling, cycling, a little running, and even some swimming. We also did this 2 years ago, only I was significantly less fit then.

Mallorca is Spain’s largest island and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s very popular with tourists, and especially Germans. In Germany people often refer to it as Germany’s 17th state. In spring however, it’s not quite warm enough for a beach holiday and the island is taken over by cyclists and triathletes. With countless miles of quiet country roads, long but commonly not too steep climbs with breathtaking views in the mounaineous North, it really lends itself to getting the bike miles in. One is however served well, especially in March and early April, to pack arm and leg warmers.

I’m a 26-year-old triathlete, and I live and train in sunny Brighton. I was born and bred in Kiel, in Northern Germany. As a child I spent many hours counting the tiles on the bottom of the pool, and whizzing around town on my bike just as a means to get to places. Only running and Lizzy were never friends. In fact I remember many many excuses to get out of P.E./Games just because I disliked running so much.

You may wonder how I ended up in the UK. There is no other reason than that I found myself at boarding school in Devon when I was 16 for a year abroad rather accidentally. I say accidentally because I didn’t really want to go away. But as many of the other kids at my school were going away for a year, I thought I was missing out… However, when I left Kelly College a year later I felt like I had unfinished business in this country resulting in my return to attend university in Brighton. And I’m still there 6 ½ years later!