Just when you thought you had heard of every triathlon event under the sun! Eurostar are holding the first ever triathlon event across three cities in one day! The newly organized Tri-City-Athlon includes a swim in Paris, bike in Brussels and run in London and it is left to Trigirl’s triathlon star Katharine Vile to bring home some Tri glory but not before she gains enough support to enter!

Trigirl fully supports Katharine Vile in her quest to take part in the race, this is what Katharine has to say for herself; “ My first triathlon was after I’d suffered from the illness ME for many years – to see if I could manage the challenge and I took the opportunity to raise money for the ME Association. I survived the race and caught the tri bug! The Tri-City-Athlon would be an incredibly exciting challenge. It would be enormous fun to travel and compete with a group of people to share the experience with. It’s an amazing opportunity and I would absolutely love to be a part of it.”

It would be great if we could give her all the support she needs to enter the event as without your votes she is unable to race! So please follow this link to the Eurostar website and VOTE! http://www.eurostartricityathlon.com/home-page(en)/view-entry.aspx?id=9925

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