two piece tri suit


Trigirl-Two-Piece-TrisuitAs a triathlon coach working with Trigirl, I’m often asked, do you prefer a one-piece or a two-piece trisuit? I diplomatically answer something along the lines of, ‘There are advantages to both.’ Which is absolutely true. But if you want to know what I personally prefer, the answer is hands-down: a two-piece. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Two-piece trisuits are great for both training and racing

Not that you can’t train in a one-piece trisuit, but I like that, while my two-piece is still very streamlined, I can stop for a coffee in my two-piece without looking like I got lost during a race. Or that during a brick training session at the gym, my two-piece is the perfect solution. I just feel comfortable in it.
An added bonus is that all of the training in my trisuit guarantees that I know exactly how it will perform on race day.

2. The wee issue of… weeing

Race day equates to nerves for pretty much anyone. And that often means going to the toilet… a lot.
A two-piece trisuit (i.e., tri shorts) are simply easier to get off and on than a one-piece. And not that I recommend it, but if you do get caught in a bathroom emergency while training without a loo nearby, it’s nice not to have to pull down the whole suit.

3. Perfect sizing for an ‘imperfect’ body

Before everyone gets angry that I’m judging my body too harshly, I’m not putting myself down. Its just that I am a bit curvier on the bottom than on the top, meaning I can’t always order the same size for both and get the perfect fit. I like that with a two-piece, I can order my tri-top in one size and my shorts in another and know that I won’t be compromising on fit.

4. I like the look of a two-piece trisuit

Perhaps a slightly shallow reason, but I figure if I’m going to wear tight-fitting lycra, I should probably like the way it looks, right? For me, I really like the proportions of a two-piece. I will admit, though, in the past, I hated how tri tops would ride up, exposing tummy that I don’t necessarily want showing! Fortunately, Trigirl tops are cut a bit longer and actually stay in place- a feature that I love!

5. Flexibility of use

Similarly to my first reason, I love the flexibility that a two-piece offers. I almost always wear my tri shorts when I cycle (I personally find a tri cycling pad more comfortable), which means I wear them to spin class and even on longer outdoor rides. Having the two-piece means that I can do that without also having to wear a tri top… convenient when I need the extra pockets of a cycling jersey (or the extra ventilation of a crop top in a super-hot spin class!)

Having tried Trigirl one-piece and two-piece trisuits, I can attest that you’ll be happy whatever your choice. But for a great-looking, all-purpose option, I choose a two-piece every time.

Happy Training!