Have you ever started off something really well with great intentions and high levels of motivation, yet as time past, your efforts and motivation dwindled. Just like those New Year’s Resolutions … many of us start the year with great intentions to get to the gym more regularly, to start exercising, to eat healthy foods or maybe even to quit smoking.

As the weeks progress into the New Year, motivation to keep on going starts to fade until you are no longer making an effort to do what you intended to do. Well, you are not alone … many people set goals for themselves, yet their efforts fade even when they start off with the best of intentions. Women in particular often experience ‘other priorities’ that come along that takes their focus away from their exercise and training. Family and childcare responsibilities often take precedence over their own personal training.

Yet, to help you maintain your motivation, regardless of what happens, is by creating big motivational magnets to keep you going.

Motivation stems from the reasons to pursue and achieve a particular goal. It is the reasons WHY you are doing something. It is the force that inspires you, excites you and creates the spark that makes you do what you do. Motivation provides the focus and direction of your actions and is the incentive to keep on moving forwards towards a desired outcome.

Taking some time to reflect upon the reasons WHY you want to pursue and achieve your goal will indeed make the difference to your preparation, to your motivation and to the results you achieve.

To help you explore your motivation and your reasons WHY for any goal, here are a few questions:

  • What will it mean to me to achieve the goal? What is its significance?
  • What will happen when I get it? How will it look like? How will it feel? What will I see or hear?
  • How will achieving this goal affect other aspects of my life?
  • In what way is the outcome worth the time, effort and energy?

So, when you are struggling with your motivation, remind yourself of these reasons why you are doing what you are doing and see the bigger picture and bigger benefits of doing what you are doing.

The next step is to set aside the time, in your busy life, to do the training you intend to do. We’ll cover that topic next month.

Until next month … go out, have fun and enjoy your training!


About the author

Midgie Thompson of Bright Futures Coaching is a Mental Performance and Lifestyle Coach. She works with passionate and energetic individuals to help them develop the mental skills and strategies to be the best they can be while maintaining a healthy balance in their sporting, professional and personal lives. She is also a recreational marathoner and triathlete.

Using life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis techniques, she coaches individuals (by telephone) in the sporting world from beginner level onwards as well as business people on performance and lifestyle issues.

For more information on how you can take your performances to greater heights, contact Midgie on (UK() +44 1273 906 216, (US) +1 704 557 0126 or www.brightfuturescoaching.com.

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