Saturday’s Open Water Swim Workshop was a great success! Seven ladies showed up at Hampstead Mixed Ponds for good weather and an educational couple of hours. Everyone had positive feedback and really learned a lot.

This workshop helped prepare for future races and was the foundation for proper technique and race strategies. It is still very important to continue to practice and we urge competitors to do so in open water.

Although we do not have any more Trigirl workshops planned, please feel free to contact us and another workshop or lessons can be arranged.
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  1. I am new to triathlon and shall be entering the great british swim on the 2nd July. I have not had any professional coaching, as I swim in my local pool and do need to improve my technique. After my first race I would like some advice for any future events and would appreciate being informed of any future training days that you may be offering.

  2. Christina

    A week ago I decided to try triathlon, having done rowing and running before. I’m making a very novice attempt at a local event July 31st; a bit too soon for me really but thought I’d give it a go. I’d also be up for any coaching sessions and training days. The training days for newcomers sound great; I know we’re well into the season now and you might not be planning any more, but maybe they’re what we novices need to give us the confidence and know-how to do our own thing through the winter!

  3. Hi Christina, thanks for your feedback. We would love to be able to run our training days throughout the entire year. However, at the moment this is not financially viable as we do need a minimum number of participants to cover venue and coaching cost. We hope that demand will grow enough for us to run more sessions next year. Please feel free to sign up to our newsletter where we will announce new dates for training days first.