London-Duathlon-RichmondAs the triathlon season comes to an end, so does Rachael’s tenure as a Trigirl ambassador. However, (lucky us!) she has offered to continue to blog for us from time-to-time, offering her advice as a personal trainer and triathlete.
Big thanks to Rachael for her blogs thus far and congratulations on your season!

As the 2013 triathlon season draws to a close, it’s a time to reflect on our successes and the things that may not have gone exactly according to plan.

On a personal level, the past two weeks have encapsulated the whole season for me. Firstly I took part in the London Duathlon in Richmond Park. A fantastic experience, great atmosphere, beautiful course (when I had the energy to admire it), oh and no swimming!

However the ‘sprint’ distance (seriously, who can sprint a 10k run, 22k bike and 5k run?!) really tested my fitness reserves given that I was relying on general fitness maintained by my day job with an unfortunate lack of specific duathlon training in recent months.

So top of my ‘to do’ list for next year is to prioritise my own training more than I managed this year. The old work-life balance perhaps needs a bit of adjusting, a scenario I’m sure many of you are familiar with.

The following week saw me lining up for a super-sprint triathlon in Somerset. A fun end to the season involving a nice outdoor swim, fast bike around picturesque villages, albeit with the odd cheeky hill or two, then an off-road run through fields of geese! My young niece and nephews were there to cheer me across the finish line and it was great to see the next generation getting infected with the multi-sport bug!

Thank you to you all for reading my posts, and congratulations to my fellow Trigirl ambassador Natalie Johnson for some fantastic races and blogs this season. Let’s all raise an energy drink to a good winter’s training ready for next year. And whatever happens…keep on Tri-ing!

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  1. Natalie Johnson

    What a season, Rachael! Congratulations on managing to compete at such a level without prioritising your own training! Fantastic results. I definitely look forward to next year’s results, then – you’ll be flying! I’ve loved reading your blogs and your fitness tips. Thanks to you I’m a foam roller convert, now. And thank you for your kind words on my first season. I raise my energy drink and salute you!