Triathlon Training Tips – Goal Setting

Triathlon Training Tips - Goal Setting

It’s that time of year when your inbox is flooded with tips on New Year’s resolutions, diet suggestions, and ideas on how to make a fresh start. I know that keeping your resolutions can be difficult, so instead, why not choose an exciting goal for 2014 that you can stick to? The best goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time sensitive).

Why not set yourself a SMART triathlon goal for 2014?

Suggestions on setting your SMART goal:

1.) Specific is just that. Don’t just say ‘finish a triathlon’. Pick an actual race so that you have a clear vision of what the goal is and the steps that you need to reach the finish line.
2.) Measurable – a measurable goal allows a definitive yes or no to the question, ‘Have I reached my goal?’ For example, ‘I want to do a lot of training’ is not measurable, however, ‘I want to train three times weekly toward my race in July’ is.
3.) Achievable goals can still be challenging. I recommend choosing a goal that scares you a little (my first standard-distance triathlon scared me enough that I was fully committed to training), but one that makes sense (I had the proper amount of time to train towards it without risking injury or a panic attack!) Why make a goal so daunting that you condemn yourself to failure?
4.) Realistic goals fit into your immediate as well as your long-term plans. They must be meaningful, exciting, and important to YOU. If a major goal for 2014 is completing your doctorate or a major job change, perhaps doing an Ironman is not realistic. However, a sprint-distance triathlon might be a great goal.
5.) Time Sensitive – give yourself a deadline! I can’t speak for you, but I work best under pressure. If my goal was to complete a triathlon, I might never do it. If I signed up for a race in July, I’d know what I was in for and get to work!

I know that with SMART goals, you are going to have an amazing triathlon year. Here’s to a fit and Fabulous 2014!

Coach Kristin x

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