Trigirl Training Favourite HITT: High-Intensity Triathlon Training

Last year, Trigirl introduced a series of high-intensity workouts we called HITT (High Intensity Triathlon Training). Based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), these sessions incorporate high to very high levels of effort, mixed with short rest or easy recovery intervals.

We still love these sessions as a way to get your training done in less time- and with more results!

As written in an article in Shape magazine, ‘When it comes to HIIT, less might actually be more. Squat jumps for joy.’

If time is of the essence (as it is for most people) and injury is a concern (as it is for most triathletes), could HITT (High Intensity Triathlon Training!) be for you?

YES.  Studies (and anecdotal evidence) are proving that shorter workouts, performed at greater intensity, could equal faster race times and less injury.  Save time and achieve your goals with HITT!

Want to know more?

Curious about how to incorporate high intensity triathlon training into your training regime?

We’ve got seven suggestions for workouts that you can incorporate into your overall training plan, as well as HIIT tips to keep you training happy and injury-free. With two sessions each for swimming, cycling, and running, plus an Oregon Circuit workout that will build all-over strength, speed and stamina, we’ve got the HITT session you need to kick your training up a notch.

See our article, High Intensity Triathlon Training- Could High Intensity Triathlon Training be for you?, for more on HITT, suggested sessions and more! 

Have you been doing HIIT/HITT sessions as part of your triathlon training? Do you have other training secrets that you’d love to share with your fellow Trigirl Training group? We’d love to hear about how you’re getting on and what you’re doing to be the best Trigirl you can be!

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Happy Training! x

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