The (literal) irritation of triathlon chafing

When you thought about doing a triathlon, you considered whether you had time in your life to train, whether you were fit enough for the challenge, or if you could make it to the finish line. Something you probably didn’t think about was chafing- ouch!

We pride ourselves at designing our triathlon clothing to minimise the risk of chafing. We flatlock our kit so there are no bulky seams to deal with. Our suits are made of high-performance, quick-dry fabrics. We cut arm and leg holes so that they hit in the most comfortable spots.

However, even with all of that, when you combine moisture and friction over time, there’s still a chance of chafing. In fact, you may find similar in the form of hot spots or blisters on your feet when running.

So what can you do to minimise triathlon chafing?

One of the best things that you can do to prevent chafing is to use a good anti-chafe glide. We sell and recommend the all-natural and organic Zone3 glide, but other brands, such as Bodyglide are also good.

Triathlon ChafingThese glides provide a moisture-resistant barrier between your skin and whatever is rubbing it to help keep chafing at bay.

Some good places to apply are under the band of your bra and at your underarms, both under your trisuit and where your bicep might rub against your side. Of course, put it anywhere you’ve noticed an issue!

Glide is also recommended for use with your wetsuit. Use it at the back of the neck to prevent the zipper rubbing. Use it on your wrists and ankles to help the wetsuit peel off easier for a quick and easy transition.

It’s not petroleum-based, meaning that it won’t degrade the neoprene of your wetsuit like petroleum jelly would, plus it’s better for the environment! By the way, triathlon specific glide products won’t attract a sunburn like the cooking spray that some people use.

What about my feet?

Glide also works on feet, but if you have real blister issues, a thicker lube might be a better option. We haven’t tried Gurney Goo yet, but it looks like a great option. Also be sure to wear synthetic or wool socks, not cotton. And please make sure that your shoes fit properly.

And saddle chafing?

Yep, we’ve had that, too. Check out our article on Saddle Soreness for lots of tips to keep your lady bits chafe-free.

We hope that you never have to deal with triathlon chafing, but the fact is, if you have sensitive skin, you just might. With these tips, you should be able to glide through it (pun intended!)

Swim. Bike. Run. Trigirl!

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