Trigirl-Cycling-OfferTo celebrate the first ever Tour de Yorkshire, featuring a women’s-only race on Saturday, 2nd May, and a mass participation women’s-only cycling event on Sunday, 3rd May, Trigirl is offering an amazing 35% discount on our cycling sets.

Perfect for racing in any category on Saturday or riding with the hundreds expected in the Sunday event, our kit is comfortable, looks great, features a women’s-specific cycling pad, and with our fabulous price on the set, is also a fantastic bargain. Of course, you don’t have to ride in Yorkshire to love our cycling clothing. It performs perfectly wherever you are!

Unfortunately, bargains like this can’t last forever! The Tour-to-Tour sale starts now, but will only last until the 27th of July – the day that the women’s race will take place at Le Tour de France, which features a women’s race in its second year.

To take advantage of the Tour-inspired bargains, click here. Sales price will be shown on the site and are available without a discount code. This cycling kit discount applies to cycling packages/sets only.

Triathlon Cycling QuestionsOften, an aspiring triathlete fears the swim. Therefore, everyone (Trigirl included!) has articles and advice about how to improve your swimming for triathlon. But what about cycling?  What do you need for triathlon cycling and how do you conquer your triathlon cycling fears?

Do you need a road or triathlon bike (and how do you balance on those skinny tyres!)? Do you have to use clipless pedals (also known as cleats or clip-ins)? How do you ride in a group for training?

Trigirl’s latest article, Conquering Your Triathlon Cycling Fears, will answer all your triathlon cycling questions, guaranteed to get you happily riding in no time!

And if you’ve conquered your fears and you’re looking for your next great ride, be sure to check out British Cycling‘s website full of cycling tips and ride ideas and our recent article on cycle sportives!

sportiveTrying to get more cycling into your training? Looking for a fun cycling event or a big biking challenge? Want to ride more, but just don’t know where to start? Why not try a cycle sportive?

There are literally hundreds of cycle sportives throughout the country, with riders of all standards enjoying a day out on their bike or challenging themselves to ride further and faster than ever before.

If you want to be one of these riders, but have no idea what a sportive is or where to find one, check out our latest article to find out more about cycle sportives and how you can plan your best ride yet!

What to look out for when buying tri suits for women

buying-trisuits-for-womenThere are a lot of tri suits on the market, in a range of brands, prices and colours. How do you know you’re getting the best tri suit? Are you getting what you pay for? Will your tri suit give you the support, comfort and durability that you need when you’re training – or more importantly, when you’re racing?

Our latest article offers our top five checklist when buying tri suits for women – what to look for, what features differentiate the good from the great and why Trigirl tri suits are the best for fit, function, comfort, and durability. (Of course, they look great, too!)

Click hear to read our Top-5-Checklist article.

Best Tri Suits in a Discount BundleTraining for and racing triathlon can be expensive. It can be a little daunting when you start looking at everything you need (or want!) once you decide to take up the sport!

May we suggest our special packages that include a lot of what you need at a discounted price? While we can’t promise to make triathlon cheap, we can help ease the burden with our triathlon starter package offers.

Our newest bundles feature our best tri suits, the popular Vivacity or Momentum trisuit, and also include some of our best-selling accessories, such as our technical cap, gel padded cycling gloves, and elastic laces. Both come with a 12-week training plan to help start your training on the right foot.

We’ve got other amazing packages, too, including our cycling and our swim bundles – all of which include loads of training and racing essentials. You’ll save up to £23.00!

Our packages are a great gift, too – for yourself or for someone special who is taking on the triathlon challenge!

Still not even sure what you need? Why not check out our article Top 10 Beginner Triathlon Essentials? We’ve pared down the essentials to let you know what you really need to train and race (hint, a great trisuit is one!) and what you don’t (£3500 bike, anyone?)

Of course, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have about our bundles or our kit.

Happy Training!

two-piece-trisuit-or-one-piece-trisuitWe hear the question all of the time, ‘Should I buy a two-piece trisuit or one-piece?’

It should be a matter of personal preference, but it seems everyone wants to weigh in: ‘My coach said I should only get a one-piece’, ‘My friend says two-piece all the way’, ‘But the pros all wear one-pieces’… even I have written an article for Trigirl on why I love my two-piece trisuit!

There are pros for both options, so to help guide you in your choice, we offer our latest article on the pros of both one-piece and two-piece trisuits.

If you already have a strong preference one way or the other, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know why you love your one- (or two-!) piece.

Read our latest article here.

The difference between ‘try’ and and ‘triumph’ is a little ‘umph’
– Marvin Phillips

  • Triathlon Inspiration CompetitionNeed a little ‘umph’ in your triathlon training?
  • Thinking about starting in triathlon and need a little inspiration?
  • Do the winter blues already have you hitting snooze and skipping a workout?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or ‘D – all of the above’), then you need Triathlon – An Inspiration, by Ali Clarke.

Good news! We’re giving it, and the companion book, Running – An Inspiration, away for FREE!
Both make perfect gifts for you or a friend.

To win, just let us know – Why do you (or why does your friend) need a little triathlon inspiration?
We’ll pick our favourite response and a book is all yours!

Please email us your response by 15th December 2014 for a chance to win! Good luck!

Read our book review here.

Irongranny Eddie BrocklesbyTrigirl Inspiring Woman, Eddie Brocklesby, has been more than a little busy lately. Not only is she the oldest British woman to complete an Ironman (she’s done four fulls since 2009 and is signed up for Lanzarote next year), she has also been busy doing everything from blogging for The Guardian, being selected as a Living Legend for Remember a Charity week, promoting her own charity, Silverfit… and now she’s featured in 220 Triathlon magazine!

220’s coverage of Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote includes the article, ‘Ready, Eddie, go!’, Eddie’s race report of the event, which, for her, is a much shorter course than she’s used to. She’s pictured looking competitive on the bike- and wearing Trigirl!

Why does she do it? Eddie says that she ‘just thinks that triathlon is great fun!’ We’re proud that ‘Irongranny’ Eddie is racking up accomplishment after accomplishment and especially honoured that she wears Trigirl!

Trigirl - Designed by WomenAt Trigirl, we take pride in having a women’s-specific product that really works for women because women are taking part throughout the design, development, production, and distribution process. One of the reasons that Trigirl makes great triathlon clothing for women is that we are women triathletes.

I recently saw a photo on Facebook of a woman who proudly announced, ‘I am a triathlete!’ from the finish line of the London triathlon, wearing the Momentum trisuit that I designed. I was as proud as she was, I think, not only because she was wearing my trisuit (and looking great in it!) but because she is also an athlete that I coach, so I like to think that I helped to get her to that finish line in more ways than one.

As a designer, I come from a background ranging from active to high-end womenswear, so I like to incorporate stylish details, exciting new colours, and flattering fits and details to the triathlon kit that I design. As a triathlete, I love working with the high-quality fabric and details that go into all of our trisuits. It really is exciting to know that women will compete feeling more confident and more comfortable in a trisuit that I helped to create! And as a coach, I can recommend Trigirl to my female athletes, because I know that Trigirl really does dry quickly, fit perfectly, and offers the best female cycling pad available, so my athletes will finish at their best. Of course, I wear Trigirl myself!

I don’t know how many designer/triathlete/coaches there are out there, but I feel like it’s this fairly unique combination that helps me to understand the Trigirl customer. I know what it’s like to wear an uncomfortable trisuit (yuck). I know how much it matters to feel confident on race day and that flattering kit is confidence-inspiring (yay!) I also know that it’s really fun to see a triumphant triathlete wearing my design, because I know how amazing it feels to cross the finish line – and I love to think that I played a little part in that.

Have a great race story or picture in your Trigirl? Email me–  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Training,
Coach Kristin x

Trigirl Trisuit ReviewTrigirl receives another rave trisuit review, this time in Triathlon Plusmagazine Best Trisuit Review 2014!

Triathlon Plus has reviewed our Energy trisuit and given it 4/5 stars for performance, value, and overall!

They say:

‘ Swimming performance was very impressive with no dragging, sagging or chafing.’

Our new cycling pad was, ‘… the comfiest women’s pad on test’ and ‘didn’t disrupt running form’.

Triathlon Plus also loved our opaque Revolutional Energy fabric.

They summarised by saying, ‘A great suit, especially suited to those new to the sport and seeking a flattering Lycra look’. We think that based on their comments, the Energy is perfect for all trigirls!

Features that we are known for in our trisuits, such as comfort, good looks, quick-drying, and supportiveness were all heralded by Triathlon Plus and we couldn’t be more proud!

And for a limited time, the Energy trisuit is 15% off! For more on the Energy, click here.

Trigirl adds women’s cycling kit to our range!

Women's Cycling KitCycling fever has swept the country – from numerous Team GB medals in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, to the number of people cycling throughout the country for fun and fitness, to the Tour de France starting on our shores in 2014… We’ve definitely been bitten by the cycling bug!

We love riding our bikes at Trigirl, so as the company continues to grow and we look for new ways to bring you the best women’s-specific gear, fabulous cycling kit seemed like the perfect way for us to expand our collection.

Without further ado, we introduce Trigirl’s cycling range! We’ve taken all of the attention to detail and fit that we apply to our triathlon clothing and created lovely cycling-specific kit, just for women.

Why women’s cycling kit versus triathlon kit?

Of course, our triathlon kit works wonderfully for cycling, but when you don’t also have to swim and run, your needs are a bit different and our cycling kit reflects that. Our cycling top, for example, is made from WonderPlume material, a wonderfully breathable fabric that is super-soft, but offers a more relaxed fit than our tri tops. There are cycling-specific pockets, which would cause drag while swimming, but are aerodynamic on the bike and perfect for carrying anything from a couple of energy gels to a handheld tyre pump.

Our fabulous Cadence cycling shorts offer  renowned Trigirl details, such as a high-cut back waistband to keep your lower back covered and soft gripper tape in the hem to keep the shorts perfectly in place. But since you don’t need to run in them as well, our cycling shorts have a cycling-specific pad, with the same quick-dry properties as our tri-specific pads, but with a little extra strategically-placed cushion to keep you comfortable on rides of any length.

And our cycling kit looks great, whether you’re riding all out in a peloton sprint or going for a leisurely spin to the local cafe.

Perhaps best of all, if you purchase one of our cycling-specific packages, you’ll save 15% off the price of buying the items separately!

So catch the cycling fever but still look and feel great- in Trigirl cycling kit!

Trigirl Dazzle and Dash ReviewWhat fits, flatters and feels great? Trigirl’s Dazzle Tri Top and Dash Tri Shorts, according to a review in the latest 220 Triathlon magazine!

220 Triathlon’s review praised the set, loving the fabric quality, ‘clever cut’, and comfortable cycling chamois.

Their final verdict is: ‘Quality materials and considered design make this a good value set.’ Of course, we agree!

Get your set now while stocks last!

And remember, you can save 10% on tri tops and shorts when purchased as a set. See our shop for more details!

Gluten Free TriathleteRestricted to a gluten-free or dairy-free diet? Not sure if it’s possible to be a gluten- or dairy-free triathlete?

In our latest nutrition article, nutritional therapist Jo Scott-Dalgleish offers advice for Trigirls who need to avoid gluten or dairy, but still want the energy to complete and compete in triathlon.

Avoiding gluten or dairy because you think it will help you to control your weight, your friend is doing it, or because you have heard that everyone should avoid these foods for optimal health, adds unnecessary complexity to putting together a nutrient dense, health-promoting diet to support your triathlon goals. Therefore, we do not recommend avoiding gluten or dairy without good reason.

However, some people clearly need to avoid gluten and/or dairy products for health reasons… that doesn’t need to stop you from being a triathlete!

Jo offers information and ideas to help you put together a way of eating that optimises both your performance and your health.

In addition to discussing the best foods to help maintain a nutritious, balanced gluten- or dairy-free diet, there are also ideas for delicious pre-training meals, recovery snacks, and main meals that will keep your energy high and support your active lifestyle.

To read all of Jo’s tips and to be the best gluten- or dairy-free triathlete you can be, see the full article here.

large-size trisuitsEven though we love our tri kit at Trigirl, we know that squeezing into a stretchy suit made of Lycra isn’t really the most fun part of triathlon. And many triathlon clothing companies make it worse by not offering a large-size trisuit or options to fit the variety of female triathlete body types.

We’ve tried to make finding a trisuit (and looking and feeling great wearing it) easier, by offering trisuits in sizes ranging to XL, with options to help find your very best fit, no matter your trisuit ‘challenge’.

Trisuit Challenge #1 – I’m only finding tiny trisuits… am I’m not tiny!

Our Vivacity, Athena and Energie one-piece trisuit styles are available in XL. The Athena trisuit also features a longer leg length, offering more coverage than those teeny trisuits on the market.large-size trisuits

We also offer our champion tri short and Pace triathlon capri is size XL.

Trisuit Challenge #2 – I’ve got boobs!

Our Athena trisuit has more fabric built into the bust area, meaning more coverage for larger cups sizes. And our Endurance tri top is also available cut for larger-busted women, so you have your choice of a one-piece or two-piece trisuit option.

In addition, we offer Anita sports bras in a vast range of cup sizes for women who need extra support and coverage.

Trisuit Challenge #3 – I hate my legs (or knees or…)!

First of all, stop hating your legs! They are doing amazing things, carrying you through a triathlon!

If you’d still rather cover them up a bit, Trigirl offers the amazing Pace triathlon capri, complete with triathlon cycling pad. There is also the Speed long-leg tri short if you’d still like a short style, but prefer a bit more length. And of course, as mentioned above, our Athena one-piece trisuit is a long-leg option as well.

If you’re looking for a large-size trisuit or just want the most comfortable and figure-flattering suit for your body, check out Trigirl!

Triathlon Training in the GymHi Trigirls!

We received a question on our website recently asking if it was possible to train for triathlon at the gym. I’m pretty sure that with our hectic lifestyles and ‘temperamental’ weather, a lot of people training for triathlon in the UK have wondered about training indoors. Sometimes it’s just easier to train at the gym. So is it an option?

Yes, you can do quite a bit of triathlon training in the gym, but you must train outside as well.