Help us in helping others by running the Women’s Aid 10k race.

women's aid 10kWant a fun challenge? Want to raise money for Women’s Aid? Join team Trigirl UK and run the British 10k in support of #TeamWomensAid!

The iconic British 10K is the fastest way to tour central London’s famous landmarks from Piccadilly to Whitehall with a route that races past Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, the Embankment, and Westminster Bridge.

More importantly, by running for Women’s Aid, you’re helping to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

If you’re interested in running with us, sign up here. You’ll receive a ticket to sign up at British 10k’s website. When asked if you’d like to join a team, type in Trigirl UK.

Whoopee I did it! I’m delighted to report that last week I finally crossed the line of the Pendle Sprint Triathlon.

sprint triathlonI’d been pretty chilled as I counted down to the big day. I was enjoying the training for the most part and loving being bigged-up by friends and family who were really proud of what I was hoping to do.

It was only the arrival in my inbox of the arrangements for the event itself, that made my stomach churn and gave me a bit of a wobble. The info I received was long and thorough with detailed instructions and timings of what I needed to do once things got under way.

Race day dawned beautifully and my husband, Dean, and I set off early for Barnoldswick – a very pretty village in the Pennine hills. Dean, who has been a star throughout the process, was there armed with his camera and best cheering voice. I was so glad to have his company and moral support.

Trigirl-Supports-Womens-AidSince our launch in 2007, Trigirl’s goal has been to empower women in the triathlon community, starting with triathlon kit that works for women. But we feel that supporting women in the triathlon community isn’t enough.

In keeping with our mission to empower women, Trigirl is proudly supporting Women’s Aid, a grass-roots federation working to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

Two of our exciting new initiatives to raise funds for Women’s Aid include: running the British 10K in support of Women’s Aid (more details of how you can get involved soon!) and for every Spice trisuit  we sell, Trigirl will donate £3 to Women’s Aid.

We are proud to be supporting women, both in triathlon and in the community!

To see more about Women’s Aid’s valuable work, click here.

Triathlon Run Training

triathlon run trainingOn the back of recurring joint problems, I’ve had the last couple of years off running. Consequently, I decided to enlist the help of my physio to get me back in shape for the run leg of the tri. The aim was to sharpen my performance while at the same time avoiding any further problems.

Dom* is a trained PRI (postural restoration institute) therapist. He is passionate about the potential to improve athletic performance (and avoid injury) by addressing our postural imbalances.

In layman’s terms, we humans are asymmetrical in many ways.

Trigirl is now using ECONYL® for a truly sustainable triathlon clothing collection.

Sustainable Triathlon ClothingStarting with our 2017 collection, Trigirl is very proud to be using VITA high-performance fabric, made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn.  ECONYL® is an innovative fibre produced with discarded nylon consumer products such as carpets and fishing nets.

“Eco-friendly” or “recycled” are big buzzwords these days, but prior to introducing ECONYL® into our line, we did our research. We wanted to ensure that our eco-friendly fabric would truly have a reduced impact on the environment, and, very importantly, still maintain the high-performance qualities our customers have grown to expect.

Excitingly, VITA fabric achieves both, so we are thrilled to introduce it in our forthcoming line.

For more information about VITA and ECONYL®, click here.
To check out our new collection for 2017, click here.

Great news! The new Trigirl shop is live!

New Trigirl Shop is LiveIn the build-up to our fabulous new 2017 collection, Trigirl has just opened our shiny new online shop and we must say, we’re pretty chuffed!

With a brand-new look and some great new features, our new Trigirl shop is ready for your orders and will be stocked with our new collection soon.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other products to check out, including a wider range of swimming and wetsuit items and accessories (neoprene warmth vest, booties, as well as the fantastic Zone3 women’s-specific wetsuit line).

The website also has a more customer-friendly checkout, hopefully making our customers’ lives just a little bit easier.

Of course, most exciting of all will be our new collection, coming in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!!

Visit the Trigirl Shop at

triathlon cycling tipsOur latest article focuses on triathlon’s longest leg – the bike.

Even if you’ve ridden all of your life, there are some easy ways to help your triathlon bike leg go smoothly (and to help make it even more fun).

You will spend the majority of your time in a triathlon on the bike, so even if you feel comfortable with basic cycling, it’s worth spending a little time thinking – and practising – how to get the most out of triathlon’s longest leg.

See the article here.

Trigirl adds running bras to our successful Anita line

running brasThe Trigirl online shop has been carrying Anita bras for the past few years to great success.

Our customers love their excellent support and quick-drying capabilities, which are perfect for triathlon. So we’re especially excited to announce new styles and colours, including the Dynamix running bra, a high-impact bra with a softly padded lining.

The Dynamix is the ideal running bra for a full range of cups sizes, offering extra-firm support, easily adjustable straps, and a special easy on & off design, a detail which has won design awards in 2014 and 2015/2016.

In addition to the Dynamix, we’ve added fun new Anita colours, including grape and peacock, to compliment our previous range of neutrals. And speaking of awards, Triathlon Plus previously tested the Anita Extreme Control bra (which we now carry in a range of four colours!) and awarded it four stars for support, comfort and breathability in their ‘Best Sports Bras for Triathlon’ review.

Getting a sports bra right takes special know-how, something that Anita has after over 125 years in the business. Anita Active sports bras are comfortably fit for cup sizes A-H, giving support to a full range of active women. In addition, they have ergonomically-designed straps for maximum comfort.

And of course, we still offer our Trigirl super fast-drying crop tops for women who need a little less support, as well as including a supportive separate bra or crop top with every trisuit. If you would like more advice on sports bra fit and care, we can help with that, too. See our article Triathlon Bra Tips and Advice for more on how your triathlon or running bras should fit, things to look for in a bra and the best ways to care for them.

If you’re looking for the best running bra or triathlon bra available, look no further! Buy Now.

Vivacity-New-Image-BlogOur Vivacity Trisuit is now on sale at 20% off! The Vivacity comes with a separate, supportive crop top, is available in two beautiful colour combinations and is super-flattering. It also has all of the amazing details that go into all of our Trigirl trisuits, including a top-of-the-line female-specific triathlon chamois, high-quality, quick-drying fabric, and soft gripper tape in the hem to keep the shorts in place.

So why would we ever put our best trisuit on sale?

We know at Trigirl that triathlon is an expensive hobby, but we feel that the kit that you wear for training and racing isn’t the place to scrimp. What you wear can really influence how you feel on race day (or in your training sessions)! So we always like to offer one of our top-quality trisuits at a friendly price – you can get all of the benefits of a flattering, gorgeous trisuit that really performs, without all of the cost.

Consider it our gift to you… and speaking of gifts, we’ll also throw in our 12-week beginner’s training plan FREE to help you train to race at your best!

Click here to shop. Just enter promo code “TrainingPlan” at checkout and we’ll include easy-to-follow, effective and fun plan in your package.

top time saving triathlon tipsThe 2015 triathlon season is kicking off! You’ve decided on a race schedule, you’re training, maybe you’ve even completed an early season race or two. You’re working hard towards achieving your triathlon goals, but why work harder than you have to?

Check out our triathlon time saving tips!

Read our latest article covering triathlon time saving tips in transition, swim, bike and run to learn how to make your race season faster, simpler and more fun!

Sports Bra SizeHaving some trouble figuring out your sports bra size?

Trigirl is now offering a quick and easy fitting service to help you get the best sports bra for you. Send us your measurements (this video will help figure out the best way to measure) and we’ll match you with the perfect size sports bra. No more pinching, sagging, chaffing or otherwise annoying bra discomforts!

Need more advice on what to look for in a sports bra? We can help with that, too. See our article, Triathlon Bra Tips, for more on fit, what to look for in a triathlon sports bra, how to care for your bra and more!

Trigirl-Cycling-OfferTo celebrate the first ever Tour de Yorkshire, featuring a women’s-only race on Saturday, 2nd May, and a mass participation women’s-only cycling event on Sunday, 3rd May, Trigirl is offering an amazing 35% discount on our cycling sets.

Perfect for racing in any category on Saturday or riding with the hundreds expected in the Sunday event, our kit is comfortable, looks great, features a women’s-specific cycling pad, and with our fabulous price on the set, is also a fantastic bargain. Of course, you don’t have to ride in Yorkshire to love our cycling clothing. It performs perfectly wherever you are!

Unfortunately, bargains like this can’t last forever! The Tour-to-Tour sale starts now, but will only last until the 27th of July – the day that the women’s race will take place at Le Tour de France, which features a women’s race in its second year.

To take advantage of the Tour-inspired bargains, click here. Sales price will be shown on the site and are available without a discount code. This cycling kit discount applies to cycling packages/sets only.

Triathlon Cycling QuestionsOften, an aspiring triathlete fears the swim. Therefore, everyone (Trigirl included!) has articles and advice about how to improve your swimming for triathlon. But what about cycling?  What do you need for triathlon cycling and how do you conquer your triathlon cycling fears?

Do you need a road or triathlon bike (and how do you balance on those skinny tyres!)? Do you have to use clipless pedals (also known as cleats or clip-ins)? How do you ride in a group for training?

Trigirl’s latest article, Conquering Your Triathlon Cycling Fears, will answer all your triathlon cycling questions, guaranteed to get you happily riding in no time!

And if you’ve conquered your fears and you’re looking for your next great ride, be sure to check out British Cycling‘s website full of cycling tips and ride ideas and our recent article on cycle sportives!

sportiveTrying to get more cycling into your training? Looking for a fun cycling event or a big biking challenge? Want to ride more, but just don’t know where to start? Why not try a cycle sportive?

There are literally hundreds of cycle sportives throughout the country, with riders of all standards enjoying a day out on their bike or challenging themselves to ride further and faster than ever before.

If you want to be one of these riders, but have no idea what a sportive is or where to find one, check out our latest article to find out more about cycle sportives and how you can plan your best ride yet!

What to look out for when buying tri suits for women

buying-trisuits-for-womenThere are a lot of tri suits on the market, in a range of brands, prices and colours. How do you know you’re getting the best tri suit? Are you getting what you pay for? Will your tri suit give you the support, comfort and durability that you need when you’re training – or more importantly, when you’re racing?

Our latest article offers our top five checklist when buying tri suits for women – what to look for, what features differentiate the good from the great and why Trigirl tri suits are the best for fit, function, comfort, and durability. (Of course, they look great, too!)

Click hear to read our Top-5-Checklist article.