Zone3’s ingenious neoprene vest for open water swimmers is now available at Trigirl.com

Neoprene Vest for Openwater SwimmersDo you ever feel like your wetsuit isn’t keeping you warm enough? That you’d love to start open water swimming earlier in the season or keep swimming later into the year, but just can’t bear the cold water?

Trigirl is now carrying Zone3’s Neoprene Warmth Vest, an excellent solution to help cold open water swimmers.

Most women we know tend to ‘feel the cold’ a bit more than our male triathlete counterparts, which is why Trigirl loves the Zone3 neoprene vest. Form-fitting* with a high neck, the 2mm thick layer fits comfortably under a wetsuit, but makes chilly swimming far more enjoyable. A titanium coating applied to the internal material takes it a step further, additionally helping to maintain your core temperature. We’ve been wearing them ourselves and it’s amazing how much more we’re enjoying our open water swims!

The warmth vest can also be used when the weather/ water is warmer, but not quite warm enough to go without a wetsuit.

Click here to buy the Zone3 warmth vest or check out the rest of our webshop at trigirl.com.
* Please be sure to read sizing information to ensure a great fit.

Trigirl - Designed by WomenAt Trigirl, we take pride in having a women’s-specific product that really works for women because women are taking part throughout the design, development, production, and distribution process. One of the reasons that Trigirl makes great triathlon clothing for women is that we are women triathletes.

I recently saw a photo on Facebook of a woman who proudly announced, ‘I am a triathlete!’ from the finish line of the London triathlon, wearing the Momentum trisuit that I designed. I was as proud as she was, I think, not only because she was wearing my trisuit (and looking great in it!) but because she is also an athlete that I coach, so I like to think that I helped to get her to that finish line in more ways than one.

As a designer, I come from a background ranging from active to high-end womenswear, so I like to incorporate stylish details, exciting new colours, and flattering fits and details to the triathlon kit that I design. As a triathlete, I love working with the high-quality fabric and details that go into all of our trisuits. It really is exciting to know that women will compete feeling more confident and more comfortable in a trisuit that I helped to create! And as a coach, I can recommend Trigirl to my female athletes, because I know that Trigirl really does dry quickly, fit perfectly, and offers the best female cycling pad available, so my athletes will finish at their best. Of course, I wear Trigirl myself!

I don’t know how many designer/triathlete/coaches there are out there, but I feel like it’s this fairly unique combination that helps me to understand the Trigirl customer. I know what it’s like to wear an uncomfortable trisuit (yuck). I know how much it matters to feel confident on race day and that flattering kit is confidence-inspiring (yay!) I also know that it’s really fun to see a triumphant triathlete wearing my design, because I know how amazing it feels to cross the finish line – and I love to think that I played a little part in that.

Have a great race story or picture in your Trigirl? Email me–  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Training,
Coach Kristin x

This year’s Ironman World Championships is on the day of my 28th birthday. When I found this out last year it proved too much temptation to not try and be there.

So on Sunday the 26th of June I found myself nervously standing on the pebble beach in Nice waiting for the start signal for Ironman France. There were 17 girls in my age group competing for a single slot to be on the start line in Kona, Hawaii on the 8th of October. I knew my preparation had

Roughly every 4th week of my training plan is a test and recovery week. The training volume drops, but I have a series of benchmark session to do so the coach and me can see whether things are moving in the right direction.

So there I was one Wednesday evening in my basement on my trusted turbo trainer churning out my monthly 80k time trial. By now I have a fairly high boredom threshold when it comes to turbo sessions. When I first started I would barely last 20 minutes! But for sessions like that I load up my mp3 player with podcasts, and tune out the world with those beautiful Sennheiser headphones that drown out most outside noise. That particular evening it was IMTalk I was listening to, and they were talking about the mental tricks you can engage to get through those tough sessions. That in turn made me think of what I do (which admittedly is fairly similar).

So here are my top 5 in no particular order:

  • Counting and numbers, and by that I mean anything. Just keep your mind busy. During hard interval run sessions I find myself counting my foot strikes, forcing myself to get to 100 before I will look at my watch again. During swim sessions I often work out the percentages of the total I’ve already swum. I count pedal revelutions too. It all helps.

  • Breaking things up: 2000 m swim test sounds tough? You lose count easily. How about thinking of it as 5×400

The British universities and colleges sport (BUCS) cycling time trial championships were held over two weekends, with the 10 mile event first, and the 25 mile even the weekend after. As usual Oxford and Cambridge university’s cycling clubs organised one event each.

For me the 10 mile event fell on the end of a week 3 of my training cycle (4 is the recovery & test week), so my legs had 3 weeks of accumulated fatigue in them.

Unfortunately you cannot peak for every single race, and Ironman France, scarily enough only a mere 7 weeks away now, definitely takes priority. Said Saturday was however a beautiful sunny day, and I was quite happy about being there. I didn’t ride badly, but the legs didn’t quite respond, and my time reflects that. I was only beaten by Corrine Hall, who is a pretty decent cyclist, so I was pleased that she was only 40 seconds ahead of me. So one silver medal for Sussex uni!

Trigirl will be exhibiting at the TCRshow on 11th to 13th of February. Come and visit us at stand J10. We will offer special show discounts for a number of styles. Try before you buy and grab a bargain.

when: 11th to 13th of February 2011
where: Sandown Park Exhibition Centre, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ

Make 2011 a special year! Compete in a triathlon this summer and let Trigirl help you achieve this fabulous goal. Join one of our Triathlon Training Days this spring where expert coaches help you prepare for the race on a fun girls only day out. Come race day you will whiz through the course with ease. Promised!

Trigirl Training Days in London are now open for bookings.

Sunday 8th of May 2011: Novice Triathlon Training Day
Sunday 15th of May 2011:  Intermediate Triathlon Training Day

Cost £ 65.- for a full day of expert coaching in small groups.

Click here for more information and to book your place.

Watch this space for further announcements. New novice training days in Manchester and Bristol will be open for bookings soon.

The Yvonne trisuit currently selling at 10% off is not only selling at a bargain price but has received an outstanding review from the highly reputable international selling magazine Triathlete’s World!

The superb quality and lightness of our Revolutional Gloss and Energy Materials as well as the thoughtful design is plainly evident from Triathlete’s World reviewer Cath Pye’s remarks;

Team Trigirl member Inga tells us about her middle-distance Challenge Kraichgau event in Germany which she completed in under 7 hours! Well done Inga!

“Hooray! I did my first ever half Ironman last Sunday at Challenge Kraichgau. It was really tough but amazingly fun too!

I really enjoyed the swim completing it in 45min, which is a good time for me. It also helped that the water was a temperate twenty degrees and surprisingly clean! I was really impressed that I wasn’t the last one out of my wave to exit the water!

It always gives us great pleasure to hear from our Trigirl community across the globe. This week we received a delightful race report from Jill Buckenham, living across the continent in Spain, who took part in her very first triathlon at the end of May, the Madrid super sprint run by the Spanish Triathlon Federation. She not only completed the distance but managed to win her age category! Well done Jill! A fantastic achievement!

We still have a few places left at our Trigirl novice training day in Brighton on 17th of July.

This training day is ideal for you if you are planning to race the South Coast Classic Triathlon on 14th of August, the Hever Castle triathlon on 25th of September or the Brighton Triathlon on 26th of September.

We only take a maximum of 15 ladies on this course, so don’t delay and sign up now.


Our Sandra trisuit received a fantastic review in the July issue of 220Triathlon magazine.

The 220 Test Centre comments “…the colouring helps flatter the body. Not only is it distinctive but we also loved the clever piping detail that helped slimline the body – great for those new to the whole Lycra-wearing experience. The suit also includes an integrated bra made from power mesh lining that felt supportive, while there’s plenty of cushioning for the bike, without that nappy-like bulk that interferes with comfort.”

Thanks 220Triathlon for this excellent verdict.

Just when you thought you had heard of every triathlon event under the sun! Eurostar are holding the first ever triathlon event across three cities in one day! The newly organized Tri-City-Athlon includes a swim in Paris, bike in Brussels and run in London and it is left to Trigirl’s triathlon star Katharine Vile to bring home some Tri glory but not before she gains enough support to enter!

Trigirl fully supports Katharine Vile in her quest to take part in the race, this is what Katharine has to say for herself; “ My first triathlon was after I’d suffered from the illness ME for many years – to see if I could manage the challenge and I took the opportunity to raise money for the ME Association. I survived the race and caught the tri bug! The Tri-City-Athlon would be an incredibly exciting challenge.

Yippee! The open water swimming season is upon us! Even those of you extremely scared of cold water (like me!) could enjoy a lovely 17°C in lakes around London this morning. Fantastic! You have no excuse not to dive in and enjoy the lovely open water.

If you haven’t swum in a lake for a long time and prefer to get used to your wetsuit in a safe environment, you might want to start swimming in one of London’s  lidos that welcome wetsuit swimmers. However, remember that chlorinated water will eventually damage the wetsuit neoprene material. Make sure you rinse your wetsuit well after you’ve been using it in chlorinated water. Best to leave it to soak in clear water in your bath tub before hanging it up to drip dry on a coat hanger.