Yippee! The open water swimming season is upon us! Even those of you extremely scared of cold water (like me!) could enjoy a lovely 17°C in lakes around London this morning. Fantastic! You have no excuse not to dive in and enjoy the lovely open water.

If you haven’t swum in a lake for a long time and prefer to get used to your wetsuit in a safe environment, you might want to start swimming in one of London’s  lidos that welcome wetsuit swimmers. However, remember that chlorinated water will eventually damage the wetsuit neoprene material. Make sure you rinse your wetsuit well after you’ve been using it in chlorinated water. Best to leave it to soak in clear water in your bath tub before hanging it up to drip dry on a coat hanger.

If you are plannng regular wetsuit swims in chlorinated water, you may want to consider getting a cheaper suit just for these sessions, saving your expensive race wetsuit for clear water lake swims only.

Check out the Triathlon London website for lakes and lidos in and around London:  http://www.triathlonlondon.org

Happy Swimming!

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